Dismantled a criminal group specialized in the theft of merchandise from trucks

Material valued at € 150,000 has been recovered, estimated wholesale price

There are 8 people arrested and one more has been investigated for more than 15 crimes of theft and reception.

The Toledo Civil Guard, together with the Madrid Municipal Police, in the framework of the CAPAGA operation, has dismantled a criminal group specialized in the theft of merchandise from trucks parked in rest areas. The criminals have stolen goods valued at more than € 500,000, and merchandise has been recovered for more than € 150,000.

Eight people have been arrested, two of them for reception offenses, and one more has taken a demonstration as investigated, for 15 robbery crimes committed in towns in the provinces of Madrid, Segovia, Valencia, Burgos, Lérida, Vizcaya, Toledo, and one in France.

As a result of several notices from citizens who alerted the Civil Guard about strange movements of a vehicle in the town of Camarena, agents from the Investigation Area of ​​the Valmojado Civil Guard began an investigation last July to determine if the occupants of this vehicle were related to several crimes of theft in trucks that had occurred in its demarcation.

Simultaneously, the Madrid Municipal Police of the Puente de Vallecas district, contacted these agents because they were in turn investigating events of similar characteristics committed in Ciempozuelos (M) and in Ontígola (TO). From that moment on, agents from both police forces began a joint investigation that gave rise to Operation CAPAGA.

This investigation led them to a man who lived in the Madrid neighborhood of Puente de Vallecas and even to the people who used the investigated vehicle.

The agents verified that it was a perfectly organized group of criminals who studied and analyzed the different rest areas where the transporters stopped to rest and spend the night.

One of them was doing surveillance work while the others parked one of the two trucks that they used to transport the stolen items, along with the other vehicles so as not to arouse suspicion. Then they ripped the protective tarpaulins off the semi-trailers and checked what load they were carrying, and if it was of their interest, they cut the seal and fractured the access door. In a few minutes they transferred the load from one truck to another and fled with the goods to Madrid capital, using a shuttle vehicle that alerted them of possible police controls.

These criminals tried to “place”, in just a few hours, the stolen merchandise and the rest they took to a warehouse located in the town of Rivas Vaciamadrid (M), where some receivers put it up for sale in small quantities as “sale of opportunities ”.

During this operation, the investigators located and intercepted 3,600 kilos of shrimp stolen in boxes that, with the collaboration of the health services, were removed and destroyed when they were trying to market them in Mercamadrid.

Once all the criminals had been identified, agents of the Valmojado Civil Guard and the Madrid Municipal Police, they exploited this operation and detained, in different neighborhoods of Madrid (Puente Vallecas, Carabanchel, Pan Bendito, Usera and Villaverde) to 8 people like authors of a crime of belonging to a criminal group. 6 of them have been charged with 15 crimes of robbery with force in things committed in towns in the provinces of Madrid (El Molar, Ciempozuelos, Madrid capital), Segovia (Boceguillas), Valencia (Riva-Roja de Turia), Burgos (Aranda de Duero), Lérida (Torrefarrera), Vizcaya (Mundaka), Toledo (Ontígola), and France (Fontcuoverte). Another 2 have been arrested for receiving crimes and another demonstration has been taken as investigated and not arrested for being related to these crimes.

In this CAPAGA operation, a criminal group specialized in theft of merchandise from trucks has been dismantled and material with a wholesale value of € 150,000 has been recovered. It is estimated that the total value of the stolen goods could exceed € 500,000.

The proceedings and the detained persons have been made available to the corresponding Court of First Instance and Instruction of Guardia de Valdemoro.

The operation is still open, so it is not ruled out that other crimes of theft of these characteristics will be clarified.

The Civil Guard thanks the citizens for their collaboration and recalls that the emergency telephone number of the Civil Guard, 062, is available 24 hours a day. Likewise, the existence of the free mobile application ALERTCOPS is reported so that in case of any eventuality they can contact the State Security Forces and Corps.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Toledo Civil Guard, on the phone 925225900 ext: 237/683647072.


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