Dismantled a criminal group that intended to launder 123 million euros

The organization was professionally engaged in money laundering

5 people who were acting as "shadow bank" have been arrested

The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to money laundering derived from drug trafficking that operated in Campo de Gibraltar and in the province of Seville.

The investigation begins with the knowledge of the existence of a person who accepted cash from a large number of people dedicated to drug trafficking to launder this capital.
The organization used its own companies and those of third parties to return the cash in the form of homes, personal property, transfers, periodic payments of metallic cash on demand, and even social security registrations.
The members of the criminal group performed “shadow bank” functions, investing, accepting and transferring illicit funds to people who were aware of their illicit activity and the origin of the money they accepted. For these activities they charged between 3 and 15%.
The Civil Guard investigation dates back to 2015, and it is estimated that the organization has been able to move more than 5 million euros through companies, accounts and cash so far.
With the exploitation of this operation, the OCON-SUR laundering investigators have frustrated an operation in which the criminal group intended to launder 123 million euros through the simulation of a solar park project.
For this operation they had interposed shell companies at an international level, in order to give a legal appearance to transactions of these high amounts.
The "narcobank" was going through a moment of technical bankruptcy, having to make payments with funds from new deposits, to cover the threatening demands of previous investors.
Once the agents have knowledge of the organization's methods and identify its members, 5 entries and records authorized by the court are made in Algeciras, La Línea, Alcalá de Guadaira and Seville, in which 5 people are detained.


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