Dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to defrauding insurance companies with the importation of luxury vehicles

14 people have been arrested and 14 luxury vehicles seized

The organization acquired damaged vehicles in other EU countries, and brought them into Spain. Later, they simulated traffic accidents so that the insurance would pay for the repair. They also falsified vehicle documents to increase sales profits

Within the framework of the joint IMERICIA-TAGLITOBA operation, developed by the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, a criminal organization dedicated to the sale of imported luxury vehicles that had defrauded insurance companies by simulating accidents has been dismantled of traffic. In the operation and has proceeded to the arrest of 14 people and the intervention of 14 high-end vehicles.

The organization increased profits by falsifying documents and defrauding taxes, and could have defrauded more than 100,000 euros from various insurance companies, and defrauded the Public Treasury around 500,000 euros.
The investigations began when the agents received a complaint from an insurance company, in which it reported a possible fraud through accident reports with luxury vehicles that carried temporary company license plates.
Continuing with the investigations, it was possible to determine the existence of an organization, based in Burgos and Valladolid, dedicated to the importation of damaged high-end vehicles that simulated traffic accidents in our territory so that the insurance company could pay for the repairs.

Purchase of luxury vehicles in other EU countries

The organization acquired the luxury vehicles sinister in other countries of the EU, (many declared total claims). To do this, they checked that there was no evidence of damage to the vehicle brand's computer application, taking advantage of the fact that two members of the organization owned an official dealership located in Valladolid.
Once the vehicles were introduced in our country, and using the coverage of "all risk" insurance policies from buying and selling companies, they simulated traffic accidents so that the insurance company would take charge of the large repair costs. For this, the organization had the support of an expert.
Subsequently, the vehicles were repaired in multi-brand workshops owned by members of the organization, and transferred to the official dealership located in Valladolid, through which they were sold to third parties in good faith with the brand's guarantee, without any evidence of their existence. of the incident.
As a result of the investigation, the agents have been able to demonstrate that the traffic accidents were simulated thanks to the viewing of numerous traffic surveillance cameras, the analysis of a large number of registration files, documentation of the purchase and sale of vehicles, and reports of ITVs, as well as information requested from police in other countries through INTERPOL and AEAT.
Likewise, the persons who appeared as drivers of the opposing vehicles in the friendly accident reports have been investigated, discovering that all of them were personally linked to members of the organization. Likewise, the owner of a crane company has been arrested for the alleged commission of crimes of falsification of documents and fraud, since it has been possible to demonstrate that he had not provided any service in the simulated accidents.
In addition to all of the above, it has been detected that the detainees falsified the invoices for the purchase of the vehicles in other countries, altering them so that the damage they had not recorded, and putting natural persons as buyers with the aim of defrauding taxes. With these false invoices, they registered the vehicles in Spain in the name of other people, in some cases paying them for it, in others usurping their identity, and after a few days they transferred them.
The detainees could have obtained the personal documentation of these people through one of the members of the organization who works as a salesperson for a company dedicated to changing electricity supply companies.
Likewise, the registration of vehicles in the name of third parties, some of whom were not aware of it, has been carried out by a collegiate administrative manager from Burgos, who carried out the registration procedures before the Provincial Traffic Headquarters on request. of one of the members of the organization. This manager carried out this task without verifying the personal identity and address documents required by current regulations, and without having any mandate from the people in whose name the vehicles were registered.
The detainees are attributed the alleged crimes, in different degrees of participation, belonging to a criminal organization, aggravated fraud, document falsification, identity theft and money laundering.
Likewise, they are attributed an alleged crime of money laundering since, the economic benefit obtained through criminal activity, they reintroduced into the legal economic circuit through the acquisition and sale of new vehicles.
The operation has been carried out by Traffic Officers of the Civil Guard, Information Service of the Burgos Commandery, the Information Group of the Traffic Grouping (GIAT) and the Customs Surveillance Unit in Burgos and directed by the Investigating Court number 2 from Burgos. Investigations remain open as there could be national ramifications.


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