Dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the "hit man", debt collection and money laundering from drug trafficking

4 people have been arrested in different municipalities of the Community of Madrid, some of whom had numerous records for "crimes of blood" in their countries of origin

Several modified firearms whose serial number had been altered have been seized, as well as identification plates of the State Security Forces and Bodies, jewelry, luxury objects and high-end vehicles

Joint operation of the Civil Guard and the DEA of the United States, with the support of EUROPOL

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the United States Agency for Drug Control (DEA) and the support of EUROPOL, has carried out the so-called BURLERO operation, through which a criminal organization, established for years in Spain, has been dismantled. who was dedicated to the "hit man", debt collection and money laundering from drug trafficking.

The operation began two years ago when, thanks to the international police collaboration channels in which the Civil Guard operates, it became known of the possible existence of a criminal organization based in Madrid that would be sending large amounts of cash to prominent drug cartels in Colombia and Peru.

"Collections office" of major South American cartels

After analyzing this information by the Money Laundering Group of the Central Operative Unit (UCO), it was possible to identify a series of interposed persons who would act as "front men" in the acquisition of goods in Spain, which is why the leaders of the dismantled criminal organization could carry a high lifestyle, luxuries and excesses.

In addition to the above, thanks to the criminal records of its members and their high danger, as well as the prominent position they held in the criminal world, they collaborated as a “collection office” for major drug cartels in South America, having a network of hitmen who acted throughout the national territory and through which they collected cash from other criminal groups dedicated to drug trafficking.

Modified firearms and all kinds of luxury items

The operation culminated in the arrest of 4 people of Spanish, Colombian and Venezuelan nationalities in different municipalities of the Community of Madrid, as well as the indictment of another 7 individuals and one legal entity.

Likewise, 3 house searches were carried out simultaneously in Villaviciosa de Odón, Getafe and Móstoles, where a high number of valuables such as jewelry, luxury watches, footwear and top brand clothing, as well as money have been seized. in cash, high-end vehicles, 7 firearms, some of which had been modified and their serial numbers altered and various ammunition.

The operation has been carried out by the UCO's Money Laundering Group, together with the support of the Special Intervention Unit, the Citizen Security Unit of the Madrid Command and the Central Cynological Service, all under the supervision of the Court of Instruction Nº4 of Madrid.

Money Laundering Group of the Central Operating Unit

This research group of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard, has among its tasks the investigation and repression of criminal actions carried out by criminal organizations and groups related to the laundering of the benefits obtained from any illegal activity, and more specifically and specific, of the laundering of the benefits obtained by the elaboration, cultivation, importation and any form of drug trafficking.

It has its origins in the defunct Central Unit for Fiscal and Anti-Drug Investigation, commonly known by its acronym; UCIFA, when in 1997 the section dedicated to the investigation of drug trafficking was separated from this unit.

Over the years, this Money Laundering Group has become the spearhead of the Civil Guard to combat and investigate from the most traditional forms of money laundering, to the most innovative ones based on the use of new technologies through cryptocurrency, in addition to providing support and advice to the rest of the Civil Guard Units that were carrying out an investigation on complex money laundering operations.

Among the most outstanding operations in recent years, the Operation White Tulip stands out, in which with the collaboration of the United States Department of Defense (Homeland Security Investigation HSI-ICE), more than 130 people were investigated for laundering using cryptocurrency more of 8 million euros between Spain and Colombia.

In the same sense, it is necessary to highlight other operations of great importance due to the complexity of the investigation itself, such as Operation KAMPUZO, in which Bitcoins ATMs were intervened for the first time in Europe, or in October 2017, when this Group of Laundering detained several former senior and former directors of public companies of the Venezuelan Government.

For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Central Operational Unit on the telephone number 915031327.


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