The seven arrested mainly subtracted endoscopes – medical equipment of great economic value in the market – in hospitals, polyclinics and health centers in Spain and other European countries, for later referral to Colombia through parcel delivery companies
Once in Colombia, the effects were collected by other members of the organization who were responsible for re-introducing them to the market, through companies or Internet portals that sold it to countries like the United States or back to Europe, as well as to money laundering of profits
To commit robberies, the organization was distributed in itinerant cells of 3-6 people traveling throughout Europe, staying for seasons of up to six months and moving several thousand kilometers to commit crimes
In the first phase of the operation the six members of a cell that acted in Europe during the last months were arrested simultaneously, clarifying a robbery in Herning (Dinarmaca) worth 2 million euros and another in Dusseldorf (Germany) for one million and a half
The second phase took place in Colombia against the conglomerate of companies in charge of reintroducing the stolen material into the market, practicing 22 records and recovering 28 equipment valued at more than 50,000 euros

Note: This press release has a related video.

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