Dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of hashish between Melilla and the peninsula

9 people have been arrested and investigated, 1,400 kg of hashish have been seized, an indoor marijuana plantation and 14 properties, 2 commercial warehouses, 55 vehicles and the suspension of the activity of the "screen" companies used by the plot have been seized criminal

The organization transported the drug in double bottoms of semi-trailers equipped with advanced electronic opening systems and with GPS tracking

The intervention of goods amounts to 4 million euros

Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police have completed a joint operation "Hermes-Quadriga", in which a criminal organization consisting of Spanish and Moroccan citizens, dedicated to the trafficking of hashish from Melilla, destined for the Peninsula, has been dismantled Iberian.
In the operation, nine people have been arrested and investigated for the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization against public health, stolen vehicle traffic, and reception. 1,400 kg of hashish have been intervened, an indoor marijuana plantation with 90 plants, the blockade and seizure of 14 properties and 2 commercial buildings, the intervention of 55 vehicles from theft., Various computer and mobile phone equipment, location devices GPS, abundant documentation related to the investigation and the suspension of the activity of 2 companies linked to the investigated. The value of the intervened and blocked bills amounts to around 4 million euros.

Base of operations in the Autonomous City of Melilla

Two of the members of the organization -father and son- settled in Melilla, were responsible for leasing industrial warehouses in a polygon of the city, and carried out the procedures in person and payments in hand and cash, in order not to leave fingerprint and have legal coverage to carry out lawful operations.
Another member of the organization, acted as a representative of the company that the organization's leader administered and was in charge of contacting criminal organizations dedicated to the trafficking of hashish in Melilla or Morocco.
Once the drug was introduced in Melilla, it was stored in the industrial buildings rented by the organization, using as legal cover that of being an importer / exporter of clothing. Later, another consignee company dispatched the arrival to the city of the "used clothing" semi-trailers, coming from Almería, which they introduced into the leased ships.
After unloading the “legal” merchandise, they introduced the drug into the trailers used to bring the clothes into complex double bottoms previously made, equipped with advanced electronic opening systems, where they hid GPS tracking devices, in such a way that the leader of the organization at all times controlled the location of the vehicle with the drug.
Once the drug was prepared and loaded on the semi-trailer, they asked the consignee company for its apparently "empty" transfer, to the port of Melilla, where they loaded it onto ships destined for the peninsula.
The drug was destined for an industrial estate in the town of Lorca (Murcia), where, as in Melilla, they introduced the vehicle into an industrial warehouse that they used as a "nursery" for unloading and storage until the appropriate moment of distribution.

Companies screens for bleaching

The economic benefits of the sale of the drug were “laundered” through the coverage of other “screen” companies created by the organization, with the appearance of legality and whose purpose was to introduce into the legal course the great benefits obtained illegally.

Stolen Vehicle Traffic

In the course of the investigation, it was detected that several of the members of the plot were carrying out transnational traffic operations of stolen vehicles in France in parallel; for this, they previously carried out a succession of changes of ownership in various cities of the aforementioned country, until they obtained a valid circulation permit that would allow them to carry out the subsequent sale in Spain.
The operation has been carried out by the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Civil Guard of Melilla and the National Police Corps (Local Judicial Police Brigade of the Lorca Police Station, Murcia).


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