Dismantled a criminal organization specialized in the theft, modification and distribution of vehicles

The organization moved ships in Illescas, Valdemoro and Arganda del Rey, the stolen vehicles to change the identifying elements

28 people have been arrested and 22 vehicles have been recovered, 20,000 euros in fractional currency, a pistol, ammunition, laser, diagnostic machines, switchboards, speedometers, license plates, hashish and cocaine

Agents of the Civil Guard and of the National Police, within the framework of the "Eleanor-Tejar Operation", have proceeded to the arrest of 28 people belonging to a criminal organization formed specialized in the theft, modification and distribution of vehicles that operated in the entire national territory.

The operation has recovered 22 vehicles, 20,000 euros in fractional currency, a pistol, ammunition, tasers, diagnostic machines, switchboards, speedometers, license plates, hashish and cocaine.

The investigation began in August of last year after the theft of a vehicle in the Madrid town of Alcobendas. Likewise, in October of last year another theft of a vehicle was perpetrated at a Tres Cantos dealership. After analyzing the modus operandi, we proceeded to carry out a detailed study of other similar events given the possibility that those responsible could belong to a perfectly organized criminal group.

During the investigation, it was found that the technique of carelessness had been used for the theft of the vehicles. After numerous efforts, the agents located in a warehouse in Illescas (Toledo) one of the stolen vehicles, a place where they could be moving the stolen vehicles to modify the identification elements and falsify the documentation.

Next, the agents were able to verify that another part of the organization was transferring the stolen vehicles to a warehouse in Arganda del Rey, to proceed to carry out the so-called “twin” method, which consists of placing the vehicle's chassis number on the stolen cars exactly same accident that they had previously acquired in a scrapyard.

Once the vehicle was “made up”, other members of the organization were in charge of making the sales. These people, who had a long history of criminal acts, took advantage of their experience to use vehicle buying and selling establishments in Asturias and Madrid to dispose of vehicles.

Likewise, another part of the organization was dedicated to advertising the sale of cars on internet portals, using false data and front men for the income of the sales money. Likewise, the agents have been able to verify how the organization orchestrated scams to insurers denouncing the theft of vehicles that they later introduced into their modification and sale circuit.

To carry out the illicit activity, the organization had state-of-the-art technological means and people with extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive world.

Once all the members of the criminal organization and the places they used to falsify and hide the stolen vehicles had been identified, the 28 people were arrested, as well as the entry and search of 10 homes and a garage in the provinces of Madrid , Toledo and Gijón. In addition, 5 inspections were carried out in warehouses, warehouses and dealerships where the vehicles were manipulated, hidden and sold.

The detainees are charged with the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, vehicle theft, reception, fraud, document falsification, false report and a crime against public health for drug trafficking.

The operation has been carried out by agents of the Civil Guard belonging to the Main Post of Tres Cantos, the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of Gijón of the Civil Guard and the Group of Illicit Traffic of Vehicles of the National Police.


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