Dismantled a criminal organization that exploited labor victims captured in Romania and Moldova

A total of 145 victims of the crime of trafficking in human beings have been detected in our country, 18 of them having been identified and subsequently released, of Romanian and Moldovan nationalities

16 people have been arrested and 5 others investigated, who are charged with crimes of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labor exploitation, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization

Among those arrested are members of the criminal organization and businessmen from different Spanish provinces, who had the workforce of these people illegally

It is estimated that this organization has come to control more than 600 victims of trafficking in human beings, captured to be exploited in olive, grape, strawberry, etc.

The Civil Guard, has dismantled an important criminal organization dedicated to the recruitment of people in Eastern Europe, Romania and Moldova mainly, using the deception formula, so that entire families visualize a future with significant economic benefits in Spain . All this with the sole objective of proceeding with their labor exploitation in the harvesting campaigns of different agricultural crops, such as olives, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Subsequently, the victims were transferred in different means of transport to different areas of labor exploitation, where they were forced to carry out these activities in precarious conditions, residing in places where the victims were totally overcrowded and without their rights being respected. fundamental.

The operation has resulted in the arrest of 16 people in the provinces of Jaén, Huelva, Córdoba, Badajoz and Albacete, all of them members of the criminal organization investigated, who were engaged in capturing, transferring and controlling the victims, among the that also includes 5 businessmen who acted in collusion with this organization.

Of the more than 145 victims detected, 18 of them have been identified and released, all of Romanian and Moldovan nationality, being subsequently transferred to different NGOs, s.

False job offers on the Internet

The disjointed organization, in addition to using the method of deception, also used the system of making job offers on the Internet, through which it captured its victims and cheated them with false promises of employment in adequate working conditions.

The geographical scope of action, in which the investigated group operated, covered different Spanish provinces and Portugal, depending on the different types of seasonal crops.

In this way, the research focused on the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba, Badajoz and Huelva, although they derived other links at national and international level, so there was collaboration in the investigation of Europol members specialized in this type of criminal offenses.

The "captors" of the organization assured the victims that, once in Spain, they would reside in decent conditions, both labor and life, something that was subsequently breached, living in conditions of semi-slavery and extreme precariousness, arriving in some of cases to spend several days without being able to eat.

The victims of Moldovan citizens withdrew their original documentation, and provided passports and documentation of citizens of Romania, in order to simulate a situation of regular stay in the country.

More than 1,000,000 euros per month

The main members of the organization enjoyed a high standard of living, becoming accredited throughout the investigation, that this criminal group could bill monthly more than 1,000,000 euros from the companies in which the victims were developing his work activity.

5 vehicles have also been intervened, with which the network made the transfers of the different victims, as well as another 2 of high-end, used by the leaders of the organization for their different movements.

Finally, 15 searches have been carried out, 4 of them on farms where the victims were being exploited. For these records, there was the collaboration of personnel of the Ministry of Labor who supported and complemented the work of the agents acting on the device.

This operation has been carried out by a joint working group formed by agents of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of Jaén and the Human Trafficking Section of the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Organic Units of Judicial Police of Huelva, Albacete, Córdoba and Badajoz, with the support of the Technical Unit of Judicial Police and experts in the treatment and taking of declaration of victims, having made 150 statements to potential victims of the crime of trafficking in human beings with For the purposes of labor exploitation, for which it was necessary to have the support of more than twenty translators of the Romanian / Moldovan language, since a large part of the victims did not understand the Spanish language.

One of the greatest achievements of the investigation is that, thanks to the efforts made by the Work Team, a part of the victims of the investigated crime are currently working and have been fully integrated into the workplace, thanks to the collaboration of ONG, s and an entrepreneur in the field of exploitation of red fruits in the province of Huelva.

For more information, you can contact the Communication Office of the Central Operating Unit at 915031327.


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