Dismantled a criminal organization that was dedicated to money laundering from marijuana trafficking

10 people, from the same family clan, have been arrested and 21 properties valued at more than 1,000,000 euros, more than 81,000 euros in cash, 4 vehicles, 17 bank accounts and 1980 sativa cannabis plants have been seized

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency have carried out the “Monchón” operation, in which 10 people, from the same family clan, have been arrested, who are allegedly charged with the crimes of money laundering, membership of a criminal organization and against the public health for drug cultivation and processing. Eighteen searches have been made, 16 in the town of Pinos Puente and 2 in the town of Fuente Vaqueros, in which the agents located a revolver, a machine for counting money and a significant amount of documentation related to money laundering.
21 properties valued at more than 1,000,000 euros, more than 81,000 euros in cash, have been intervened and 17 bank accounts, 4 luxury vehicles, 3 horses and 1980 cannabis sativa plants have been intervened.
Last September the researchers discovered how the members of a family clan residing in the town of Pinos Puente (Granada) were laundering money by buying from a large number of properties through intervening people or figureheads.
The money with which they made purchases and payments came from the sale of drugs, the organization had a series of houses in both Pinos Puente and Fuente Vaqueros where it was dedicated to the intensive cultivation of cannabis sativa through illegal hookings to the electrical network, and the production of marijuana.
This organization had built a leisure facility in Pinos Puente with the objective of laundering money from drugs and making it difficult for researchers to control this capital.
The operation remains open and further arrests are not ruled out. This operation has been coordinated by the Granada Provincial Prosecutor's Office through Investigating Court No. 6 and carried out by agents of the Civil Guard of the Granada Command and the Tax Agency.
To complete this information, you can contact the Granada Civil Guard Peripheral Communication Office, by phone at 958.185419.


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