Dismantled a dangerous criminal group specialized in serious crimes against property through kidnapping and torture

Its members are being investigated for the commission of crimes against persons and property in its most serious forms, such as attempted homicide, kidnapping, torture, serious injuries, robberies with violence and threats, aggravated by the use of weapons and acting in inhabited house

In the investigated case that gave rise to this operation, two people were illegally detained and hidden in an old cargo container, in a private farm in the province of Toledo, where they were subjected to extreme violence

The investigation proved that they were preparing a "coup" in a technology company, for which they had perfectly planned the kidnapping of the security guard of the same, not being carried out solely because of the mobility restrictions derived from the health alert of the COVID- 19

The Civil Guard, in the so-called RÍO LOBOS operation, has managed to completely dismantle a dangerous criminal group settled in the provinces of Madrid and Toledo, accused of committing serious criminal acts, mainly attempted homicide, kidnapping, torture and robbery with violence.

The criminal activity of this criminal group was mainly focused on the theft of effects, primarily jewelry and money, through the use of extreme violence on its victims, who were previously illegally detained, being tortured in order to obtain the necessary information if they did not achieve their objectives initially.

Perfectly equipped and characterized by police forces

The investigation is initiated by the Section for Organized Crime Against Heritage of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command of the Civil Guard of Segovia, as a result of the complaint filed by a married couple of Spanish citizens in which they relate how they were intercepted while they were moving through the province of Segovia, when they were assaulted by a group of people who were dressed as members of the State Security Forces and Bodies and armed, being introduced separately in separate vehicles and transferred by various types of road for almost two hours, finally introducing them into a kind of cabin that, later, they could describe as a cargo container.
In that place began the hardest part of their captivity, when they were brutally attacked to reveal where they had hidden the jewelry and money in their home, as well as the keys to the alarm systems and possible safe deposit boxes.

Analysis of more than 200 kilometers of communication routes

Immediately, the investigating team began to reconstruct the events that occurred, proceeding to the analysis of a multitude of data of all kinds collected in the reconstruction of the events carried out along more than 200 kilometers of various communication routes.
This analysis, together with the data obtained in other complementary investigation tasks, allowed the obtaining of a series of indications of great interest for the investigation that, after more than 6 months, allowed the agents to corroborate the existence of a perfectly organized group and cohesive, always formed by more than four people coordinated for the perpetration of serious crimes, and each of its members having perfectly assigned functions, such as the selection of places and victims, means of transport to be used, surveillance on possible objectives and assessment of the possible economic benefit to be obtained.

"Booty" of 14 million euros and cessation of criminal activity due to COVID19

With all the components of the criminal group identified, the investigators were able to know with complete certainty that they planned, in a short space of time, to carry out a large-scale robbery in a company in the technology sector, in which they would do with an estimated "loot" of more than fourteen million euros, always according to the forecast of its members.
This action, in which the kidnapping of the security guard of the aforementioned company was perfectly planned and organized, was aborted by the authors themselves due to the mobility restrictions derived from the health alert of COVID 19, a circumstance that has conditioned the situation in a very important way. This investigation, since although the investigated persons spent long periods of inactivity, the agents have maintained operational control over all of them at all times, being permanently prepared to carry out the red-handed arrests of the possible perpetrators at the time that they would have been detected to act.
Finally, taking into account the evolution of the pandemic generated by COVID 19 and the generalized confinement situations described above, when the year had passed since the serious crimes for which the present investigation began, the proceeds were perfectly coordination with the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Sepúlveda (Segovia), to the arrest of all those involved with actions in the judicial districts of the city of Madrid, Móstoles, Illescas and Torrijos (Toledo).

Accuracy in the execution of your criminal activities

Four of the detained persons are those who carried out the kidnapping, transfer and torture of the victims, with whose complaint the present investigation begins, while the other two are those who, with the precise information they provide to the previous ones, put the two victims in the crosshairs of this violent criminal group, enabling them to carry out the crimes described with almost military precision, thus being considered as necessary cooperators and, therefore, as co-perpetrators of the crimes under investigation.
6 house searches have been carried out, highlighting that, in one of them, one of the objectives of this investigation fired a shot at the acting force, whose projectile, miraculously, only grazed the neck of one of the Unit's agents Operational Central.
In these records, two short firearms and a shotgun with trimmed barrels have been intervened, all of them suitable for real fire, as well as abundant ammunition for said weapons, various simulated weapons, tasers, knives, shackles, a large number of articles of police uniformity such as uniforms, caps, identification vests, bulletproof vests, police identification plates, rotaries of police vehicles, as well as forged license plates, cash, jewelry and a large amount of evidence that links the detainees with the facts investigated.
The operation has been carried out jointly by the Organized Crime Section of the Central Operative Unit and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Segovia Command, all coordinated by the Investigating Court number 1 of Sepúlveda (Segovia), whose owner has decreed unconditional imprisonment for all detainees.
For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Central Operational Unit (U.C.O.) at 91.503.13.27.


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