Dismantled a dangerous criminal group that robbed in Toledo and Madrid posing as police

There are nine people arrested and six more investigated for an attempted murder, robbery with violence, and illegal possession of weapons.

The leader of this group was the lieutenant of the "Goyito" and has been arrested on a score of occasions for the commission of more than 200 crimes

Operation Tizos is the first that has been carried out within the CERES plan of the Civil Guard against organized crime in the Toledo region of La Sagra

The Civil Guard has arrested nine people and is investigating another six, for crimes against property that they committed with great violence in municipalities in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid, where they posed as members of the Security Forces and Bodies.

These people are also related to a crime of attempted homicide committed last June in the town of Navalcán (Toledo), where they wounded a man with a firearm.

The first robbery investigated by the CERES group of the Civil Guard was committed in La Nava de Ricomalillo (Toledo) last February. The criminals entered a home posing as Civil Guard agents and viciously attacked its residents to achieve their objective.

The agents verified that they were facing a perfectly structured and hierarchical criminal group that did not hesitate to use firearms to intimidate their victims.

They meticulously planned their robberies, which they committed mainly at night after studying the area and communication routes. They used high-end vehicles that they had previously stolen, reaching up to 200 km / h per hour, and they did not hesitate to ram any other vehicle that might get in their way.

During the early morning hours of June 12, in the town of Navalcán, several members of this criminal group fired for a settling of scores up to eight times against a man who was wounded in the abdomen.

The Civil Guard verified that this group was settled in two very specific locations in this province, Casarrubios del Monte and Torrijos, under the orders of "Lolo", a 24-year-old man who had been the lieutenant of the alunicero "Goyito", and that already he had been detained on a score of occasions by this Corps.

In the records, numerous stolen items such as clothing, perfumery items and accessories, audiovisual material, a collectible motorcycle or numerous motocross helmets have been recovered. Among the objects seized, there was also a police newspaper and masks with the logos and anagrams of the National Police.

The operation remains open, so further arrests or the clarification of more criminal acts are not ruled out.

The Ceres Plan has been created in the Toledo Command with the aim of providing a police response to crime in this province, especially crimes committed against property and others related to them where criminal groups can be constituted. This Plan was presented last April by the general director of the Civil Guard.

For any information related to this press release, you can contact the OPC of the Toledo Command. Tef: 925225900 ext: 237/683647072.


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