Dismantled a dangerous criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of hashish internationally

They transported the drug from Morocco to the south of France, passing through the two bases they had established on the Costa del Sol and in the regions of Marina Alta and Baja, in Alicante.

On two occasions they illegally detained two members of the organization itself as a settling of accounts for an alleged "overturning" of drugs between them

In total, more than 400 kg has been seized. of hashish, various firearms, more than 220,000 euros in cash and 6 high-end vehicles

Anti-drug macro-operation: more than 80 Civil Guard and National Police officers have participated in the device

Under the framework of the police operation called "Mac1- Red69", agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police have detained 18 people -of Moroccan, French, Indian and Spanish nationalities- by the alleged commission, in different degrees of participation, of the crimes of drug trafficking, illicit possession of weapons, illegal detention, vehicle theft, falsification of documents and crime simulation.

The investigation began in the province of Alicante, in mid-April 2020, in full alarm, upon learning of the possible existence in the province of a complex criminal organization, which would be dedicated to drug trafficking.

The first investigations, carried out by the ROCA Team of the Civil Guard of Calpe, focused on the Alicante regions of the Marina Alta and Baja, where some of the initial investigators would reside, although it would not take long to discover the existing connections of these people with other individuals, settled on the Costa del Sol and even in other countries, such as Morocco and France.

Already in the first moments of the investigation, it was known that, within the organization, there were two well differentiated branches; one of them, the one based on the Costa del Sol, in the towns of Estepona and Benahavís (where the main leaders resided), was in charge of the direct acquisition of the drug in Morocco. It was made up of highly dangerous individuals (a fact that made the investigation considerably difficult), of Moroccan, French and Indian nationalities, and was also being investigated by the GRECO Costa del Sol of the National Police.

As it could be verified in the two house searches carried out later on the Costa del Sol, this part of the organization had semi-automatic weapons. In addition, it has also been verified that the main leaders had numerous contacts with assassins and with all kinds of criminals, with extensive criminal histories.

The second branch was established in the province of Alicante, specifically in the towns of Gata de Gorgos, Teulada, Moraira and Calpe. It was made up of individuals of Moroccan and Spanish nationality and its tasks were the storage of hashish that they received from the Malaga branch and its subsequent transportation to its final destination in France.

Thanks to the investigation, it has been learned that these members initiated contacts for the purchase of speedboats, of the type used for drug trafficking, valued at more than 200,000 euros.

In addition to the international transport of the drug, they also dedicated themselves to the retail of hashish, among other substances, with three drug outlets being dismantled in Gata de Gorgos, Teulada and Calpe. In the latter case, the point of sale was a hairdressing salon, run by one of the detainees, a public establishment that used to have a wide range of clients.

In the course of the investigation, the agents were able to verify the tension between the two branches. The leaders, settled in Malaga, suspected that the Alicante branch could have made them "overturn" drugs, that is, they had kept the hashish, so they did not hesitate to kidnap one of the members settled in the region of the Marina and they held him for more than twenty days, as a guarantee of payment for the drug, allegedly disappeared during one of the transports.

He was finally released, after some members of the Malaga branch moved to the town of Calpe (Alicante), in full alarm (with their corresponding mobility restriction measures in force, existing at the time) and were held to another second member of the Alicante party so that he could provide reliable evidence of the place where the drug was actually located and, in addition, they demanded that he pay them more than 300,000 euros.

Operation result

On June 2, the operation of the operation was carried out, making a total of 10 registrations (8 in the Alicante province and 2 in the Malaga province), all of them simultaneously, for which more than 80 agents participated, between investigators (ROCA Calpe, EDOA Alicante and GRECO Costa del Sol) and support agents, such as USECIC of Alicante, Cynological Service of Alicante, Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Jávea and Citizen Security officers of the Units affected by the different records.

The operation has resulted in the intervention of more than 400 kilos of hashish, various semi-automatic firearms with ammunition, more than 220,000 euros in cash and 6 high-end vehicles. So far, 18 members of the organization have been detained, of whom 12 have already entered prison awaiting trial.

The investigation has been carried out under the instruction of Court number 1 of those of Denia (Alicante).

For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Alicante Civil Guard, on the phone 96 514 56 60 ext. 446 – 406.


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