Dismantled a drug sales network in Murcia with 71 detainees

20 vehicles, 14,000 euros, 65 telephones, nine computers, a drone, and weapons have been seized, among other effects

The group controlled the business from the Murcian region of Vega Alta del Segura

About 500 civil guards have participated in the operation and have carried out a total of 24 searches in the homes of the detainees

The Civil Guard has dismantled an important drug sales network in Murcia. Operation Manangers has resulted in 71 detainees charged with the crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering, illicit possession of weapons, robbery with violence and intimidation, threats, fraud of electric power, reception, animal abuse and against road safety.

The disarticulated group controlled the business from the Vega Alta del Segura region, where the Civil Guard has carried out 24 house searches.

With an important device of about 500 agents, the Civil Guard has seized 20 vehicles, 13,990 euros, 65 telephones, nine computers, a drone, eight firearms, 14 large-scale weapons, 256 ammunition cartridges, a police newspaper , jewelry and abundant documentation related to criminal activity.
The investigation began in February of last year, when the Civil Guard established the connection between several points of sale of narcotic substances with a well-known family clan, based mainly in the town of Cieza (Murcia).
The investigators were identifying each of the members of the criminal group and defining their roles, some of whom acted as "front men" or "straw men."
The ringleaders acted in a hierarchical way, managing the drug business from its origin to its distribution at four points of sale in the towns of Cieza, Abarán, Estación de Blanca or Villanueva del Río Segura (Murcia).
During the state of alarm, they constantly changed vehicles, even renting cars or using towing services to transport cars with drugs, thus making police work difficult.
Fat and Child “Winners”
To cover up the enormous income generated by the sale of the drug, they used money-laundering methods by buying and selling high-end vehicles, acquiring properties, participating in apparently legal businesses and even collecting large prizes for the Christmas and Children's lottery.
The police action has in turn made it possible to seal a recently opened establishment – located in Cieza – and dedicated to cannabis growing items or “growshop”.
28 bank accounts and eight real estate properties related to the crime of money laundering have also been blocked.
Fortified housing
An example of the high specialization of the dismantled criminal group is the fortification of several of the houses, equipped with successive barred doors and windows, alarm systems, surveillance cameras with Wi-Fi, as well as potentially dangerous dogs in the main places where they guarded narcotic substances .
One of these dogs was rescued by the Civil Guard with malnutrition, for which they are also attributed the alleged authorship of a crime of animal abuse.
The proceedings investigated are at the disposal of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Cieza, which has decreed the entry into prison of 12 of the main implicated parties.


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