Dismantled a network dedicated to introducing drugs into dual funds in vehicles

5 people have been arrested and investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization, drug trafficking and forgery of documents

The leader of the organization had numerous antecedents, even being in search and capture by the Italian authorities for drug trafficking

Through an elaborate corporate framework they concealed the benefits obtained from drug trafficking

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the operation "TUKANO" and in collaboration with the Local Police of Melilla, has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking in double funds practiced on vehicles from Melilla, bound for the peninsula.

Five people, of Spanish, Albanian and Colombian nationalities, have been arrested and investigated for the alleged crimes of criminal organization, drug trafficking and forgery of documents.
Likewise, in the eight registries carried out in Melilla, Valencia and Cuenca, a complete laboratory for the treatment and preparation of hashish has been intervened, as well as abundant material destined to the manufacture of a plantation "indoor ”of marijuana, in addition to 654 kilos of hashish and an important amount of scopolamine, commonly known as“ burundanga ”. It has also seized 12 vehicles, 3,600 euros in cash and has seized and blocked 14 real estate worth 1,500,000 and the commercial activity of 11 “screen” companies.
The operation began last May, after detecting a truck equipped with a double fund of great capacity that could be being used by organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

"Screen" companies and "field" work

After the investigations carried out, the agents verified how the network leader previously carried out a “coverage” job. For this, he sent his men of maximum confidence to settle in the area where they rented homes in quiet and discreet areas of Melilla to go completely unnoticed, and they also rented commercial ships to give normality to the fictitious commercial activity to which they were engaged.
Next, they contacted criminal groups dedicated to the traffic of hashish that settled in Melilla or Morocco, who were in charge of supplying them with the agreed drug from Morocco.
For this, the disarticulated network used a “nursery” to store the drug, which was provided with a complex laboratory, where they prepared the substances by vacuum packing them and then introducing them in a truck-van to which they had made a double bottom in the ground , trying to avoid police controls.
Finally, the van truck embarked on the ferry that connects the cities of Melilla and Almeria, and then moved to the province of Valencia, where they distributed the drug.
With the benefits they had obtained, they had more than a dozen “screen” companies, which, using “commercial engineering”, activated or deactivated them to launder the benefits that drug trafficking provided without raising suspicion to the administration.
As a result of the analysis of the criminal network, it has been possible to intervene 14 real estate valued at 1,500,000 euros, as well as the intervention and control of up to 11 screen companies that were used to not be detected.

Indoor laboratory in Valencia

From the efforts and information obtained from the criminal network, the agents located in the province of Valencia an indoor marijuana laboratory in a garage. It had air conditioning systems to achieve the optimum temperature necessary for planting and plant growth, as well as electrical installations with a high number of meters to correctly supply electrical fluid and avoid being detected by high electricity consumption.
The leader of the organization had false documentation from various countries and identified randomly with false identities in all the communications he made.
This person had numerous judicial records for money laundering, illicit association and drug trafficking. In addition, several national and international requisites were recorded, including Italy claiming his imprisonment for his alleged involvement in the traffic of 1,000 kilos of cocaine in that country.
The investigations have been carried out by agents belonging to the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Civil Guard Melilla, who have had the collaboration of agents of the Local Police of Melilla.
For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Melilla, at 626.286.379.


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