Dismantled a sports center used for money laundering from drug trafficking

These facilities were already registered several months ago, involving notorious quantities of substances prohibited for sport and weapons.

Everything intervened corresponds to the personal assets of the organization's leader, historically linked to drug trafficking

The research initially focused on the way of acquiring different commercial premises, which after undergoing a thorough renovation, formed the current sports facilities

Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police, in the so-called AVELLANO-PORTET operation, have proceeded to intervene the personal assets of a well-known individual from the Valencian municipality of Quart de Poblet, having been corroborated in the report delivered to the judicial authority on laundering of more than 1 million euros from drug trafficking.

The police investigation began in late 2016, and has allowed, after several years of investigation, the seal of a well-known sports facility in that Valencian municipality and the confiscation of all the elements that made it up.

These sports facilities were already subject to judicial registration at the end of 2018, intervening numerous substances prohibited for sport such as anabolics and doping substances, arranged for distribution among athletes who required it.
In a last police action on this sports center, a large number of similar prohibited substances have been intervened, informing the Judicial Authority of the repetition and continuation of these illegal activities.
The investigation focused on its beginnings in the way in which this individual had managed to acquire various commercial premises, which, after undergoing a thorough renovation, formed the sports center, as well as the way of acquiring sports machinery, tanning booths and other elements of great value distributed in different rooms of the center.
In the same way, the researchers have had a thorough impact on the way of acquiring the properties where he and his closest family environment resided, as well as on the reforms and modifications carried out therein.

Family figureheads and various lottery prizes

It quickly became clear that this individual had used his most direct relatives for the acquisition of the various premises that made up the gymnasium, as well as for the luxury residence that he managed, all after having introduced large sums of cash into his accounts. personal, simulating in some of these income lottery prizes.
It is very significant as the family environment closest to the person on whom this research is focused, allegedly they would have been graced on several occasions with prizes from the National Lottery, the last in 2017 where apparently they would have acquired ballots from a well-known association of the zone. In all these cases, researchers have been able to corroborate that this old money laundering procedure was used to legitimize funds in different current accounts.
Likewise, the use of large amounts of cash has been accredited, not only in the acquisition of sports machinery, but also in high-value reforms carried out in professional facilities and homes.

Money, guns, and even a leopard head

During the 7 searches carried out during the month of December 2018, 5 short firearms were found with the serial numbers erased, which those responsible had hidden in a gym locker arranged for their use.
They also intervened more than € 230,000 in cash that this person had in € 50 bills hidden in a double fund at his home, in addition to numerous electronic and computer elements, different documentation of interest and even a skin with the head of a leopard whose possession is totally prohibited.
Among the documents intervened, real estate deeds were located in the names of other people, and even hotel projects, which the researchers are still analyzing.
The investigation has been directed by the Investigating Court no. 1 of Valencia and the Valencia Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office and materialized by the Money Laundering Group of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, members of the Valencia Civil Guard Command and UDYCO of the Valencia National Police .


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