Dismantled in Jaén and Malaga a violent criminal organization dedicated to national and international drug trafficking

25 people have been arrested, another three have been investigated, and 14 house searches have been carried out in the towns of Málaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Linares, Mengíbar, Villagordo, La Carolina and Guadalén

8.2 kilograms of high-purity cocaine, 25 of hashish pollen, ten of marijuana, 225,000 euros in cash, a pistol with ammunition ready for use and 14 vehicles have been seized

The detainees used mafia and violent methods, acting in a concerted and coordinated manner and had acquired a high degree of specialization, with an established distribution of tasks and roles whose activities responded exclusively to the people who were at the head of the organization

The dismantled criminal organization periodically introduced consignments of high-purity cocaine into the province of Jaén

Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police have dismantled a perfectly structured and hierarchical criminal group dedicated to the distribution of narcotic substances whose main destination was the province of Jaén and have arrested 25 people for alleged crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to criminal organization. 14 searches have been carried out in different locations in Jaén and Malaga and a total of 8.2 kilograms of high-purity cocaine, 25 kilograms of hashish, ten kilograms of marijuana, 225,000 euros in cash, a pistol have been seized. with ammunition and 14 vehicles.

The investigations began in October 2019, when it became known that an organization led by people living in coastal towns in the province of Malaga, was dedicated to the distribution of cocaine and hashish in different Spanish and European cities. After more than half a year of police procedures and inquiries, last May one of the members of the organization was arrested when a police checkpoint was established on the A-44 highway as it passed through Jaén, by uniformed Civil Guard patrols from Jaén, after the shuttle vehicle passed. This allowed the interception of the vehicle and the arrest of its driver when he was transporting a cache from Malaga to Linares (Jaén) with a load of four kilograms of cocaine, hidden in a double hydraulic bottom enabled for this purpose in the vehicle, and 13,800 Euros in cash, discovered by the expertise of the acting agents. The drug had previously been acquired in the Malaga town of Alhaurín de la Torre, a place where hours later three other people were arrested at the time of conducting a home search, where 153,000 euros in cash, obtained with the payment of the stash of cocaine that had been intervened in Jaén hours before. Subsequently, a second home search was carried out in Benalmádena in which one more kilogram of cocaine from the same batch was intervened.

That same day, the person who acted as a shuttle for the vehicle that transported the drugs was also detained, to provide security for the transport and alert of the possible presence of police officers on the way, after running over a Civil Guard agent who was trying to abort his attempted escape, with the clear intention of attempting against his life. The agent was violently hit by the vehicle before starting his escape and was injured with serious injuries. He was finally arrested at the Linares-Baeza station after putting up great resistance and causing injuries to the agents who intervened in his arrest.

On June 2, a third member of the organization was detained at a police checkpoint established in Granada once it had been detected that a new drug transport was taking place. In this action, three kilograms of cocaine that had previously left from Malaga and whose destination was the town of Linares, where the criminal group supplied narcotic substance to clients from different towns, were seized. The drug was also hidden in a double bottom of the vehicle.

Intercepted when they were about to leave Spain

Four days later, two other members of the organization were intercepted in La Junquera, in the province of Gerona, when they were transporting 25 kilograms of hashish hidden in a sophisticated cove made in the car, discovered thanks to the intervention of a team of Canine Guides of the National Police. The destination of this consignment of drugs was Switzerland, where its price would have increased considerably if it had reached its destination and with it would have brought important benefits to the organization now dismantled.

On August 11, the agents began the final exploitation of the operation. 14 entries and searches were made at homes in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Linares, Mengíbar, La Carolina, Villagordo and Guadalén, where the arrests of those allegedly involved in the events were completed. Different effects, evidence and instruments of the crime were intervened, which served for the Judicial Authority to order the imprisonment of the main culprits.

The criminal organization acted in a concerted and coordinated manner. Its members had acquired a high degree of specialization, with an established distribution of tasks and roles. They also used mafia and violent methods, even going so far as to attempt on the life of a Civil Guard agent, who was run over by the vehicle of one of the traffickers, who would later be arrested in Linares. Also injured were the Civil Guard and National Police officers who finally arrested the perpetrator of the outrage.

Police investigations have also made it possible to verify the use of physical violence by detainees to collect debts related to the organization's criminal activities, using a firearm and extorting money from the parents of a person who had contracted a debt of 66,000 euros with them by losing two kilograms of cocaine.

This police operation has been a severe blow to drug trafficking in Jaén, where criminal groups settled in the different towns of the province used those arrested as drug suppliers. In the investigators' opinion, the dismantled organization introduced most of the narcotic substance that was consumed in the province of Jaén.


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