23 people, aged between 21 and 67 years, have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, usurpation of housing, crime against public health, money laundering, fraud of electricity and possession illicit weapons, among others
This network was presumably run by two brothers in charge of occupying homes, who gave them to third parties in exchange for taking care of the cannabis plantations that they installed inside
In the 26 searches carried out, 2,010 marijuana plants, 461 grams of hashish, 317 grams of buds and marijuana bites have been seized, and they have intervened, among other effects, 42,000 euros, a pistol, a machete, six high-end vehicles , six computers, 33 mobile phones, a bulletproof vest, transmitting equipment, an inhibitor, documentation and all the necessary elements for growing marijuana

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