Dismantled the Choir of the criminal gang of Latin origin Dominican Don’t Play (DDP) that operated in the Corredor del Henares

The Civil Guard has arrested seven members of this gang for the alleged crimes of sexual assault, belonging to a criminal group, against property, injuries and threats, and possession of prohibited weapons

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the BÁVARO operation, has arrested the seven members of the Choir of the Dominican Don't Play criminal group (DDP) that operated in the Corredor del Henares (metropolitan area between Madrid and Guadalajara) for the alleged crimes of sexual assault, belonging to a criminal group, against property, injuries and threats, and possession of prohibited weapons.

Those now detained were those responsible for the DDP in the Corredor del Henares and, consequently, were in charge of carrying out the expansion of this gang in said territory and the criminal activities that its members habitually commit in the areas where they settle. Proof of this is that some of them had a long criminal record.

The operation began when the investigators obtained sufficient evidence that pointed to a group of young members of the youth gang of Latino origin Dominican Don't Play as possible responsible for the numerous attacks and threats that were taking place in the area where this group operated. .
After the investigations carried out, the agents searched several properties in the town of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), including the two headquarters used by this gang, in which numerous prohibited weapons, objects that could have been stolen, and weapons and tools intervened. that they would use to commit these crimes against property, apart from a large number of distinctive elements of the gang.
This group, which was based in Torrejón de Ardoz, operated along the entire Corredor del Henares, having proven its relationship with common crime, mainly in the commission of alleged crimes against people and against property.
So much so that, on numerous occasions, these individuals have provoked violent confrontations against members of rival gangs settled in different neighboring towns in order to avenge previous disputes and gain control of the areas.

They use the "Choirs" to control different zones

This gang, like other similar ones, aspire to control certain geographical spaces, establishing themselves in various regions of the country through the formation of territorial groups, which they call “Coros”, which are dedicated to committing crimes such as those mentioned above, creating a enormous social destabilization in the areas where they settle.
In general, these types of violent youth gangs are organized groups with a strong hierarchy and where each of its members has a defined function. In most of these organizations, a large number of components are minors, who are usually induced to leave their family homes and commit illicit activities as a means of financing the gang. That is why the Civil Guard supports an important effort to prevent and clarify the activities of this type of gangs.
The investigation has been developed jointly by the Special Central Unit (UCE) nº3 and the Information Groups of the Guadalajara and Madrid Civil Guard Command, which have also had the collaboration of the Torrejón de Ardoz Local Police.


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