Dismantled the logistical structure of an organization dedicated to drug trafficking that operated throughout the Mediterranean coast

Five 'narcolanchas', trucks, vans, fuel and navigation and communications equipment valued at more than 1,500,000 euros have been seized

Three people dedicated to the repair, overhaul, maintenance and custody of inflatable boats have been arrested

The Civil Guard, the Tax Agency and the National Police have jointly developed the "Hulkcos-Perseo-Orquesta" operation, which has resulted in the dismantling of the infrastructure of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking.

In the operation, five 'narcolanchas', four trucks, two vans, a dozen high-power outboard engines, a large amount of fuel, and navigation and communication equipment have been apprehended, whose market value would far exceed 1,500. 000 euros.
The operation began at the beginning of the year, when members of the Tax Agency, the National Police and the Civil Guard, within the framework of joint investigations into illicit drug trafficking, detected the logistical infrastructure of a criminal organization operating in the entire Mediterranean coastline.
The logistics apprehended served one or more criminal organizations dedicated to large-scale drug trafficking, which require this type of material for their illicit activities.
The development of the investigation allowed to identify the people who were in charge of the acquisition, theft, maintenance and concealment of the semi-rigid boats and the different industrial buildings where the 'tires', the vehicles for their transport, the fuel necessary for the drug trafficking operations and the criminal organization's navigation and communications equipment.

300 hp engines

Searches have been made in three industrial warehouses in Alcora (Castellón), where the organization had stored and distributed all the material that has been apprehended. While the searches were being carried out, two people of Spanish nationality and one of Moroccan nationality were surprised when they transported and handled the seized semi-rigid boats, several of which were already ready to be launched and begin their allegedly criminal actions related to drug trafficking.
Some of these boats already had several 300 HP engines attached, which endows and converts these 'tires' into true 'Formula 1' of the sea, being able to reach very high speeds and maneuverability, which makes their interception extremely difficult if they are detected. in these cases also constituting potential risks for the rest of the boats and users or practitioners of nautical activities. The accumulation of fuel necessary for the immediate launch of some of them has also been intervened.
The operation has been coordinated by the Court of Instruction, acting as guard, of Castellón de la Plana.


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