Headlines of your interview:

  • Remember that "2019 has been the year of the big scam and the big lie: Pedro Sanchez lies more than he talks and on top of that he makes a media lock, not letting the media ask."
  • He warns that with the new government of PSOE and United We can "we expect an ax to the economy, raising taxes and repealing labor reform, which will mean more unemployment, and also the intervention of the housing sector."
  • He criticizes that "Sanchez is agreeing with those who are disloyal to the State, such as nationalists and separatists, whose sole objective is to break Spain."
  • "Sanchez is kneeling before nationalism and separatism that wants to break Spain, is selling in installments this Spain that belongs to everyone."
  • "Sanchez said he would never agree with Podemos because he wouldn't let him sleep and that he wouldn't agree with ERC, but that's where he is agreeing with them."
  • Given this situation, "we send a message of hope to the Spaniards: the PP will defend the Constitution, the unity of Spain, and will also continue to ensure economic growth."
  • Remember that "Sanchez has always wanted to agree with independence, agree with the communists, agree with the friends of ETA, and has always made a sanitary cordon to the PP."
  • On the Advocacy report, he says that “the partisan and unscrupulous use of the State Advocacy is disturbing, we are seeing the perversion of the institutions and not only in the Advocacy, also in TVE and in the CIS, we are seeing a PSOE that is dynamiting the institutions, that wants to break the seams of the State ”.
  • He announces that “the PP is going to make a legal and parliamentary offensive from a constructive position and always defending Spain against populism, against nationalism, against separatism. We are not going to abandon the Spaniards or Spain. ”
  • He describes Puigdemont as “amortized and outdated character in Europe” and advances that “the PP will work in the European Parliament to lift its immunity as soon as possible, and we will also ensure that it complies with its incompatibilities, because Puigdemont is currently deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia and you cannot be MEP if you are a member of another national or regional Parliament ”.
  • “The PP will work to return to an escape from justice, such as Puigdemont, before the Spanish justice. This is the only way that awaits Puigdemont, being before Spanish justice. ”

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