Expresses PP support for Merkel to achieve a quick agreement on European aid and community budgets for the coming years

He assures that "the success of Europe will be the failure of populisms and nationalisms"
The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrattoday asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to try to speed up the adoption of the EU recovery plan against the coronavirus to revive the economy and boost job creation.
Merkel spoke today in the plenary session of the European Parliament to present her priorities as the EU's current president, a role that Germany will exercise in this second half of the year.
During Merkel's debate with the political groups of the Eurochamber, Dolors Montserrat recalled that it is important that the governments of the 27 EU countries reach an agreement on the recovery plan to “protect our health, revive the economy to save the business fabric, and creating jobs, which is the best social policy ”, as well as agreeing on multi-year budgets for the period 2021-2027 based on the proposal of the European Commission.
The popular spokesperson has also pointed out that the European solidarity of the recovery plan “must be accompanied by ambitious national reforms to make a new Europe competitive and strong in the world that has an industrial, digital and sustainable economy, and without ever renouncing freedom. and equality ”.
For this reason, he added, the next six months in which Germany will exercise the presidency of the EU, and in which those important decisions must be taken, "will be decisive because they will mark the future of an entire generation."
Montserrat has said in this regard that Chancellor Merkel "is a hope for millions of Europeans for her firm support for the recovery plan" at a time when "strong leadership" such as that of Merkel herself or that of the president of the European Commission, Úrsula Von der Leyen, also a member of the European People's Party and who has promoted the recovery plan.
Montserrat has offered Chancellor Merkel the support of the Popular Party, which, he has assured, "will be up to the task, as great democrats and Europeanists are," of what is needed at the moment, and has indicated that the Spanish PP applauds the beginning of the German presidency of the Union, supporting the recovery plan.
Likewise, the popular spokesperson recalled that the coronavirus "has made us aware of the urgent need to strengthen and modernize Spain and Europe."
"The success of Europe will be the failure of populism and nationalism," Montserrat said in this regard.

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