• He affirms that Sanchez must be asked "how many red lines will he transfer to agree with totalitarian nationalisms" and demands that he explain to all Spaniards what "hidden covenants he negotiates" are.
  • He qualifies Iceta as "muñidor" of the agreement between the PSOE and ERC. "Yesterday he made it clear that he has opened the way to the PSOE and Sánchez by saying that Spain has eight nations."
  • He explains that while the PSOE and ERC negotiate the future of Spain to stay in Moncloa, today the escaped Puigdemont and the totalitarian Torra meet in Brussels in a previously failed meeting.
  • He accuses the PSOE of “following the PSC road map and making a sanitary cordon to the PP, declaring plurinational Spain, the Catalan nation with a bilateral relationship with Spain, laundering Bildu and the friends of terrorism”.
  • “The PP will not be complicit in a rupture agreement. The PP will make a firm and useful opposition in defense of the unity of Spain, the rule of law and the Constitution, because we are the only alternative to Sánchez ”.
  • He emphasizes that the PSOE has abandoned "constitutionalism" and "the PP is not going to be complicit with a rupturist PSOE with the constitutional order." "Sanchez is kneeling before nationalism and wants to stay in Moncloa selling to Spain in installments."
  • It requires Sanchez to give explanations and assume responsibilities in the most serious case of corruption in the history of Spain, the ERE case.
  • He says that "the only way Torra has is to" call elections. " “The Catalans have already told him that they do not want a totalitarian and unique thought government; they want a government that thinks about living together, in all Catalans and in the social and political economic progress of Catalonia, ”he adds.

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