The PP Spokeswoman and president of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has asked the European Commission today to condemn the attacks on journalists and the burning of images of the King produced yesterday in Catalonia during the Diada, and has also asked the Community Executive if he plans to create a plan to combat radicalism, xenophobia and the hate.

“Radical independence movement has attacked this freedom of expression by assaulting journalists on 11 September in Catalonia, and has once again incited hatred by burning images of the Head of State, magistrates and political parties,” Montserrat said in a question. letter sent to the European Commission.

In the text, the popular spokeswoman asks the community executive if he is going to condemn “these attacks, these hate attacks and this outrage on freedom”

Montserrat recounts in the question sent to the European Commission that in addition to the burning of images carried out by Arran – the youth of the CUP – yesterday “the radical hooded men of the self-appointed Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) attacked journalists while they were carrying out his work".

"All this," Montserrat explained, "is a hate attack against those who do not share their totalitarian and exclusive project. In the Europe of freedoms these radical behaviors cannot be tolerated and we must give a firm answer. ”

For all this, Montserrat has asked the European Commission if it plans to launch a plan to fight against radicalism, xenophobia, hatred and the violation of freedoms.

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