Denounces the passivity of the Sánchez government before the cut in the AP7

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has asked the European Commission today to guarantee the free movement of people and goods on the AP7 motorway and on the border crossing of the Jonquera between Spain and France, which has been cut off by the radical independentists of Tsunami Democràtic.

In a question sent today, Montserrat recalled that the free movement of people and goods is a “basic right” that all European citizens should be able to enjoy, so they were interested in the measures that the Community Executive intends to take to correct this situation.

“The blockage of this European connectivity infrastructure violates the right of free movement of goods and people, putting in check the connectivity of Spain and Portugal with the rest of Europe, damaging the economy, the competitiveness of our companies and especially damaging the sector of transport and all the workers that depend on it, ”explained the popular spokeswoman in the question sent to the European Commission.

Dolors Montserrat has also denounced in his question the passivity of the Government of Spain to these "serious events that threaten to block the entry and exit of Spain and Portugal to France during the next few days."

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