The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, today asked the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, to apply the Code of Conduct of this institution to Clara Ponsatí, a fugitive from Spanish justice, who yesterday published an offensive tweet regarding those killed by the Coronavirus in Madrid, and take measures in this regard.

In a letter sent to Sassoli, the popular spokesperson recalled that the Code of Conduct requires MEPs to act with "responsibility and respect for the reputation of the European Parliament", for which she has asked Sassoli to ask Ponsatí that "in thereafter, in his capacity as public representative, refrain from using any means or euphemism to rejoice in the evil of others ", in addition to suggesting that" take advantage of the networks to help fight the disease. "

Montserrat has also asked Sassoli that if Ponsatí does not react to this request, the European Parliament study the possibility of sanctioning it.

"The European Parliament, in a moment of special sensitivity such as the one we are living in, should not allow attitudes and practices like that of Ms. Clara Ponsatí to spread among its members, which constitute a deplorable exercise in dehumanization, and a terrible example for European citizenship, "said the popular spokeswoman in her letter.

Dolors Montserrat has also reminded Sassoli that “some ideologies, among others anti-Spanish separatist nationalism, tend to use humor as a false balm to cover up their contempt, supremacism and hatred for everything that has to do with Spain. In our country, those of us who are not nationalists are used to it, we have known and suffered from this social signaling strategy for years. ”

Instead, Montserrat said to the President of the European Parliament, "politics, as always, must be at the service of citizens, and politicians must set an example of containment, empathy, and prudence."

Likewise, Montserrat has expressed to Sassoli his “support” for “the efforts of all administrations, his in particular, to coordinate effective responses to a phenomenon such as that of the coronavirus that poses changing scenarios and that knows no borders or identities, which it affects everyone equally and that, paradoxically, it should constitute an opportunity to act as a united community of values ​​and aspirations, and as a great family: the great European family ”.

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