The popular spokeswoman regrets that Spain faces this serious crisis "with a socialist government that instead of being in office is on vacation"

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, today asked the European Union (EU) “a firm and united response” to the announcement of the imposition of tariffs by the United States on numerous European products, a measure that will particularly affect exports of Spanish products from the agricultural and livestock as relevant as olive oil, cheese, ham or wine.
During a debate on this issue at the Plenary Session of the European Parliament, Montserrat insisted that "we cannot leave the answer only in the hands of each country, a unitary response is needed."
"Trump intends to punish some countries more than others to break our market unit and punish those sectors where we are world leaders in production, excellence and export," for which he has asked "not to fall into his trap."
Montserrat has asked the European Commission for help for the sectors and countries affected, as is the case in Spain, since “Trump's unfair and harmful tariffs endanger a multitude of sectors, farmers, ranchers and, in definitively, to millions of families in Spain ”.
The popular spokeswoman and president of the Committee on Petitions has also regretted that Spain faces this situation "with a socialist government that instead of being on duty is on vacation."
García-Margallo asks to compensate the affected sectors with the Globalization Fund
For its part, the MEP of the PP José Manuel García-Margallo He asked the European Commission if he intends to use the European Globalization Adjustment Fund (EGF) to compensate sectors affected by tariffs.
García-Margallo has said that Trump “has never believed in the World Trade Organization (WTO), so he has not hesitated to announce tariffs, and has argued that the EU could also take similar measures in reaction to the aid granted The US to its export companies (FSC) and the relief granted by the state of Washington to Boeing.
However, he added, the only solution to this crisis is "sit at a table to establish the commercial rules of the future."
Juan Ignacio Zoido proposes exceptional measures at the CMO
In turn, the MEP and deputy spokesperson of the PPE Group for agricultural affairs, Juan Ignaco ZoidoHe said that "in the face of Trump's unfair attacks, the EU must be up to the task and activate all the measures at its disposal to cushion the damage."
Among them, he has proposed “the activation of exceptional CMO measures to support producers in severe cases of market imbalances, as was the case with the Russian crisis”.
In addition, it has defended the application of measures such as “the coverage of storage and financial costs in the case of olive oil” and “support for campaigns to promote Spanish products, to alleviate the loss of market share” in a key destination for exports such as the US, which will cause millions of losses and endanger thousands of jobs.

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