La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, today alerted the European Commission that the intention of the PSOE, Podemos and Bildu to repeal the 2012 labor reform will cause very negative effects for the Spanish economy.
After the agreement announced yesterday by the two parties of the coalition government together with his partner Bildu, Montserrat has sent a written question to the European Commission stating that eliminating the labor reform would cause a large increase in unemployment in Spain and that the economy it will collapse, leading to bankruptcy.
"At the moment in which we find ourselves, with a severe blow to the economy and to the employment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we cannot do without a tool that has helped millions of Spanish families so much and that currently allows millions of jobs join the ERTE and avoid being fired ", he pointed out in his question, in which he recalls that the 2012 labor reform carried out by the then PP government was supported by the EU and allowed" to reduce unemployment in 1,788,092 people from February 2013 to May 2018 and, most importantly, allowed 2,765,000 jobs to be created, ”which meant that in 2018 Spain contributed one out of every two new jobs created in Europe.
For all these reasons, Dolors Montserrat has asked the European Commission if it considers that the labor reform should be repealed and, also, what control mechanisms it is carrying out so that the EU member states implement reforms and measures that favor job creation. and not its destruction.
Montserrat has also assured that "it is unacceptable that the government plays with the future of the Spanish and agrees to exchange it for the votes of a political group that does not condemn terrorism for the sole purpose of obtaining support for the extension of the state of alarm for another fifteen days ”.

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