Dolors Montserrat: "If we do not concentrate the vote on the PP, Sanchez's pacts with the nationalists will return"

Speaking to the media during his visit to Melilla, Dolors Montserrat recalled that in the last year the president of the acting government, Pedro Sánchez, "has bleached" the nationalists by agreeing with them, and has advanced that Pedro Sánchez will continue to do so If you are still in Moncloa.

Instead, said the popular spokeswoman in the European Parliament, "if the PP has one more vote next November 10, we will win and throw Sanchez and the nationalists."

"If we divide the vote of the center-right, it will happen as in the April elections and Pedro Sánchez will remain in the Moncloa", and with it, the pacts with the nationalists.

The only possibility to avoid this situation, he added, is that after the elections Pablo Casado and the PP rule.

Montserrat has also pointed out that "Melilla is an example for Catalonia because Melilla, thanks to PP governments, is an example of coexistence and peace, since it is a place where different religions and cultures coexist."

“On November 10 we play a lot, and in particular in Melilla we play security at the border and the activation of commercial customs,” explained Dolors Montserrat.

Accompanied by Juan José Imbroda, president of the PP of Melilla and candidate for the Senate, Dolors Montserrat has assured that in the last months the socialist government "has not done anything" for the Melillans and "has abandoned Melilla."

On the other hand, Dolors Montserrat has reiterated “the firm commitment” of the PP and the European People's Group in the European Parliament “in the defense in Europe of Melilla's problems”.

Specifically, and after having visited the border with Morocco this morning, Dolors Montserrat explained that “we are going to defend before the EU that the border of Melilla, which is the southern border of the EU, is safe and effective” and is endowed with more human resources – from the State Security Forces and Bodies, to which he has thanked for his work, and also from the European border agency Frontex – and more technical resources.

Regarding the situation of Melilla's commercial customs with Morocco, Dolors Montserrat has assured that he will lead the negotiations before the EU so that there is reciprocity in the EU agreements with Morocco and that commercial customs can be reactivated, so that companies and the commercial sector of Melilla can be competitive.

Montserrat has also referred to the situation of unaccompanied minors (MENA) in Melilla and has advocated “for legal and orderly immigration”, and for this he has advanced that he will ask for “EU involvement” in this matter to contribute to solve.

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