Dolors Montserrat en las jornadas

He assures that “yesterday Pedro Sánchez had to have demanded the resignation of Pablo Iglesias. Both would have to act today with the exemplarity they always demand. These are theoretically the ones who came to regenerate politics and set an example "

“If Iglesias is still in government after these scandals, it is because Sánchez allows it. Sánchez doesn't care if Iglesias is charged, he doesn't care if the ministers attack the head of state, he doesn't care if he flirts with Bildu himself, Sánchez only cares about power "

Regarding the government's economic plan, he assures that “we have to accelerate the transformation towards a clean economy, and towards digitization, but also towards reindustrialization; Industry has to have more weight in the economy and achieve that 20% of the total national wealth of the EU member states corresponds to industry, but this Government proposes more spending, more unemployment and more taxes, which is the traditional recipe of the left, which leads us to more poverty, more precariousness and more inequality "

He assures that "the PP will help European aid reach those who need it most: workers, families and the productive sectors"

He regrets that “contrary to the position of the European Commission, Sánchez intends to increase VAT in education and health. Sánchez is in the opposite direction of what Europe demands and trusts everything to the public, when Europe believes in public-private cooperation. "

Criticizes that the Government "wants to raise taxes, which will help delay recovery and job creation"

He criticizes that “the Government has not been able to face the health crisis and now it is not capable of facing the economic crisis; it is paralyzed before the administration, with an absence of an agenda of reforms that helps the most damaged sectors such as tourism "

He assures that "a reformist government is necessary to present an ambitious reform plan to put Spain in economic growth and job creation, which is the best social policy"

Remember that the European Commission has said, in its recent report on compliance with the rule of law in EU countries, that "the CGPJ has to be reformed, and the solution is in the PP proposal, the solution cannot be that Sánchez and Iglesias agree to a politicized CGPJ ”.

He adds that “the European Commission has also said in this report that the election of the attorney general is politicized. Sánchez has to comply with these two clear warnings that the European Commission has raised, and he has to take this report into account "

He criticizes that Josep Borrell, High Representative of Foreign Policy of the EU, has sent a mission to Caracas to negotiate with the Nicolás Maduro regime the postponement of the December elections “without setting any type of condition, without demanding presidential elections, nor the immediate release of the political prisoners, nor the return of the forced exiles, nor the end of the repression nor the empowerment of all the candidates and parties ”.

He assures that "this mission has contributed to the fragmentation of the Venezuelan democratic opposition and to whitewashing the Maduro regime"

Remember that "Europe is not going to contribute to this in any way and that is why the PP is defending democracy and freedom in Venezuela, and also throughout the world"

He defends that regarding the situation in Venezuela “we must return to the path of pressure and avoid more tricky dialogues. The EU must extend sanctions to those politically responsible for crimes against humanity mentioned in the recent devastating United Nations report

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