Dolors Montserrat en Mérida

The candidate for the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, affirms that "in these elections we are playing for Spain to be relevant in Europe and in the world, and not be isolated from international politics". "With the PP, Spain has always been on the bridge of command in Europe and with the PSOE is isolated and becomes irrelevant in European and international policy."
Dolors Montserrat insists that "the Popular Party is a guarantee of economic growth, employment and equal opportunities between women and men". "We are the party of the rural world, not of emptied Spain but of the Spain of opportunities". Stands out that Monago, when he was president of Extremadura, already demonstrated to all Extremadura how the PP governs "thinking of all Extremadura, solving real problems and giving opportunities. Economic growth, employment and raising this great land that is Extremadura ".
Highlights that "the PP we are the ones who defend the unity of Spain, we are the brake on populism and nationalism that threatens Europe." "We can not leave these elections in the hands of Sanchez and the socialists who flirt, agree and negotiate with the independentistas that come to weaken Spain and Europe." He maintains that "we are the party that believes in equal opportunities, between women and men". In this sense, he emphasizes that "thanks to our women in the rural world, our people exist, because you are the strength, the courage that raises businesses and our families and for that I want to thank you".
Explains that "Europe is part of our lives, in Europe we play the things of eating, in Europe we play the common agricultural policy and structural funds." He stressed that the aid "is positive for Extremadura to give opportunities to unemployed youth, to give opportunities to those small and medium enterprises that want to adapt to the digital revolution and want to be competitive."
"We promise that in this next term in the European Parliament to continue defending the 4.5 billion euros for the common agricultural policy."
Dolors Montserrat recalls that "when the PSOE governed with Rodríguez Zapatero and was negotiating the funds, he and his minister went to sleep, literally, and came to Spain with 1,500 million euros less for our field and livestock." Unlike Rajoy, with Arias Cañete and Tejerina, who did not go to sleep and came to Spain with 500 million euros more. "
"Minister Calviño, who was previously responsible for the budgets of the commission, established for this upcoming budget, by 2020, a 30% cut in funds for agriculture and livestock for Spain and for the rest of the countries and thanks to the strength of the PP in Europe we managed to reverse this situation so harmful. "
Highlight that "Thanks to the PP and Mariano Rajoy in the negotiation of the 2014-2020 structural funds have reached 37,400 million euros in Spain. Thanks to these funds we have helped all unemployed youth to enter the labor market, we have facilitated small and medium enterprises to improve their financing and to be more competitive ". He emphasizes that "we want Spain to be the European California, to lead the digital revolution, because this will lead us to create high quality jobs".
Montserrat states that "infrastructures are opportunities, it is employment and investment". That is why he is committed to "we are going to make the AVE reach Extremadura and have the trains you need like any other Spanish".
"In these elections there are only two political projects, the one that works, the PP, the economic growth, the employment, the rural world, the opportunities between women and men and the one that unfortunately never works that leads us to the economic crises, the unemployment queues in the unemployment offices ".

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