La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

• Regarding the current negotiation in Brussels regarding the EU recovery plan against the coronavirus, he assures that "the agreement should not depart from what the European Parliament and the European Commission have already agreed on"

• “It must be an ambitious agreement for these grants to reach the Spanish productive sector, workers and families; so that we can put the Spanish economy back to economic growth and job creation, also to make the economy more competitive, and make the transition to the digital economy, in addition to supporting traditional sectors as important as agriculture or tourism ”

• “Sánchez has to negotiate and fight for the recovery plan, just as we have done from the European People's Party (PPE) as a majority force in the European Parliament and in the European Commission, which presides over the PPE with Úrsula Von der Leyen”

• He points out that "the European Parliament and the European Commission have done their homework, with the impulse of the PP and the European People's Party as the majority force, and now it is up to the European Council, where the only Spanish who is sitting is Pedro Sánchez"

• “Pedro Sánchez has an image problem, of generating confidence in his European partners, because his calling card in Europe is that he has wanted to repeal the labor reform that has created so many jobs in recent years; a labor reform made by a PP government but also endorsed by the EU ”

• He points out that "the recovery fund must be accompanied by ambitious national reforms to stimulate the economy and create jobs"

• Remember that “during the last PP government we made an ambitious package of reforms to boost economic growth in Spain and create jobs, and this would have to be Sánchez's business card to European partners. You cannot go to Europe with a proposal to repeal the labor reform "

• Regarding the outbreaks of the coronavirus, regrets that "the government of Spain does not have a plan B before a new wave of the coronavirus

• Regrets that “the Government has not used the knowledge we have of the pandemic to put a plan B on the table and have the measures planned in case a new wave comes. It is a government that is late and bad again ”

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