"We are going to elections for Sánchez's unique and personal whim"

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has assured that "Pedro Sánchez is the president of a government in abandonment of functions that has paralyzed Spain", and has lamented that "Sánchez, Torra and Colau are giving the worst image of Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona."

The popular spokeswoman and president of the Committee of Petitions of the European Parliament has blamed Sánchez for being "the only one responsible for the repetition of the elections", if they finally occur, "for his unique and personal whim."

"The Spaniards want a government that is useful and solves problems, not a president like Sánchez, who creates the problems and blocks the solutions," he added.

“The only alternative to this is the PP and the Spain Suma project, the PP is the agglutinator of the right center in Spain. We are convinced that if there are elections, the Spaniards will show Sanchez the exit door of La Moncloa, ”he explained.

Faced with Sánchez's attitude, DolorsMontserrat has also highlighted the “utility of the PP in Spain and in Europe”.

In this regard, the spokeswoman explained that this week the PP has presented two important initiatives in the European Parliament.

The first, propose a plan against radicalism and that the European Commission condemns the vandalism and radicalism that took place this week during the celebration of the Diada.

One day, said Dolors Montserrat, who "is kidnapped by Catalan independence politicians and their unique nationalist thinking."

The other initiative of the PP has been "to ask the European Commission for the improvement of the Euro-order so that a fugitive from justice is never again free and free" for Europe.

Finally, the popular spokeswoman in the European Parliament, who made these statements before participating in the European Congress of Integrative Medicine held in Barcelona, ​​explained that in this legislature the Spanish and European PP “we are going to present the European plan of struggle against cancer, focused on prevention and early diagnosis ”, an issue that will be discussed this week at the Plenary Session of the European Parliament.

"This is an example of a useful match like the PP that works for all Spaniards and all Europeans," he concluded.

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