"The Catalans are suffering a tsunami of hatred, destruction and violence in our streets."

The PP Spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, said today that the decision of the European Parliament to reject the inclusion of a debate on the situation in Catalonia in the plenary session this week "is a victory for the Democrats and a defeat for nationalism."

Montserrat has pronounced in this regard after this afternoon the Spanish PP and the Group of the European People's Party (PPE) have voted against the proposal of the group of The Greens, in which ERC is integrated, to introduce a debate on Catalonia on the agenda of the Plenary session this week in Strasbourg. This proposal has been rejected by the vast majority of the camera.

Dolors Montserrat recalled that "the Catalans are suffering a tsunami of hatred, destruction and violence in our streets."

"Nationalism is the executioner and we Catalans are the victims," ​​insisted the popular spokeswoman in the Eurocamara.

In addition, he stressed that while the president of the Catalan government "jelly the radicals and nationalism takes the streets, we are forced by the Democrats to take refuge in our homes."

Given this, said Montserrat, "they will not silence us, we want to recover prosperity, the law and the destroyed coexistence."

"What is happening in Catalonia," he explained, is the consequence of 40 years of nationalism, a supremacist and suffocating nationalism, once again, the worst poison in Europe. "

For all these reasons, he recalled, “this is a challenge that we will overcome all European democrats. Not only is the future of Spain at stake in the streets of Barcelona, ​​but also the future of Europe. ”

"Spain is one of the oldest nations in Europe, a modern and advanced democracy, with a state of law that works and where no one is above the law," said the popular spokeswoman.

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