Dolors Montserrat en el Parlamento Europeo

The PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, recalled today that "the fight against cancer is a priority for the EU and for the Popular Party."

Montserrat participated today in the first meeting of the new commission created by the European Parliament to promote the fight against cancer in the EU, of which it will be a full member.

With this commission, explained Dolors Montserrat, "we work and strengthen our commitment to achieve more ambitious cancer research with more resources."

This new parliamentary committee will study the possibilities for the EU to take concrete measures, including possible legislative initiatives, to prevent and fight cancer more effectively.

This new parliamentary commission, which was promoted by the European People's Party, added Montserrat, adds to the resources already deployed by the EU to fight the disease, such as the Horizon program -which "seeks greater benefits for patients through of an accessible innovation for all ”- and the new European Plan against cancer.

For the first time, Montserrat has highlighted, cancer research receives special attention through the creation of the Cancer Mission within the framework of the Horizon Europe Program, with the ambition of reaching 3 million people saved from cancer by 2030 with a prospect of a better and longer life.

In addition, he also said, the European Plan to Beat Cancer, complemented by the Cancer Mission, "will allow us to coordinate specific policies and measures at the European level to fight cancer and obtain better prevention and better diagnoses for all patients, treatments and cures ”.

With all these instruments, Dolors Montserrat summarized, "Europe has never been more prepared to beat cancer, but we have to intensify our efforts to achieve that goal, which we will achieve by working together."

The new Commission against cancer will carry out its work for a year, although its mandate will be extended if necessary, and it has 33 MEP members. It will be chaired by the Polish MEP of the PPE Group Bartosz Arlukowicz.

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