The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, said today that "the new European Commission must work for a stronger, more united and secure Europe that is useful for citizens."

In the debate before the final vote of approval of the new Executive led by Úrsula Von der Leyen, also a member of the European People's Party, Dolors Montserrat recalled the importance of promoting a “stronger Europe to grow economically and create employment; united from the rule of law to deal with the nationalisms and populisms that threaten it, and safer to defend our external borders, fight terrorism and defend democracies in the world ”.

Specifically, Dolors Montserrat has asked the new Commission to create employment – since this is the best social policy – to support the self-employed and entrepreneurs, and also the young people to have opportunities.

In addition, he has defended the need for the community executive who will take office on December 1 to boost European agriculture, livestock and fisheries, taking care of the rural world.

Also, to work intensely to face the demographic challenge, lead the digital revolution and continue to lead the fight against climate change in Europe without the economy losing competitiveness.

"If we are useful, Europeans will feel better represented, so we have the great challenge of building the Europe of people, without leaving anyone behind," he recalled, before adding that this will only be achieved "with closer management and with less bureaucracy ”

“I am convinced that the new Commission and its president will be up to par. They have all my support. Their successes will be those of all Europeans, ”concluded the popular spokeswoman in the European Parliament.

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