Dolors Montserrat en el Foro Europa

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has assured this afternoon in Bilbao that the PP and the candidate for lehendakari of the PP + Cs coalition for the elections of July 12, Carlos Iturgaiz, are “the only alternative to the inefficient management of the PNV and all its amalgam of partners: PSOE, Podemos, Bildu ”.
Montserrat added, at the closing of an act together with Iturgaiz and several MEPs of the PP, that "we are the counterweight to the PNV, the only ones who are not the PNV or its allies".
Therefore, Montserrat said, Iturgaiz is "the best candidate" for these elections, the only one who can correct the "inefficient management" of the PNV in matters such as the collapse registered in the Zaldibar landfill and which has caused the disappearance of two workers who have not yet been found.
"Zaldibar is the metaphor for the mismanagement of the PNV", Montserrat has summarized, who has also warned that nationalism is equivalent "to the lack of future."
The popular spokesperson has also asked the government not to "oppose the opposition by preemptively attacking the PP in case Sánchez fails" in the current negotiation on the EU recovery fund.
"The PP has done its homework promoting this plan in the European Commission and in the European Parliament and now it is Sanchez's job to bring these funds to Spain," said Montserrat, who recalled that "European solidarity is not a check blank for the government of Sánchez and Iglesias, but must come hand in hand with reforms to boost the economy of the Basque Country and Spain ", supporting sectors such as industry, agriculture or tourism to ultimately promote the creation of job.
González Pons: "we must work together to avoid the real crisis that may come after the summer"
For his part, the Vice President of the European People's Group in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, He has urged to continue working to obtain the approval of the recovery plan and its implementation, and warned that "after the summer the real crisis will come, not the crisis that we are now experiencing, which is the health crisis, but the other one, in form of an avalanche of unemployment and, if we are unlucky, of a second wave of the coronavirus. ”
In these circumstances, González Pons warned at the opening of today's event, "we do not know if there is a European plan B and if there is a Spanish plan B".
“Now is the time for blood, sweat and tears, because what is coming now is not an epidemic; It is going to be a war, this is going to be the moment of truth ”, the vice president of the popular Europeans warned.
For this reason, González Pons said, it is time to work together: “the Basque Country now needs the sum of PP and Cs, now is when it is time. What was before was very hard, we could not save it, what is coming will be very hard and we can save it, but we can save it with the brave. ”
"The triumph of Iturgaiz's candidacy is the triumph of common sense in the Basque Country," said González Pons.
Zarzalejos: "The double discourse of the PNV in Vitoria and Madrid is not acceptable"
For his part, the MEP of the PP Javier Zarzalejos He has assured that the supposed good management of the PNV is a "false myth", and has recalled that the difficulties that lie in wait for Spain and the EU cannot be faced with the PNV supporting the "Frankestein" coalition in the central government.
“The PNV's double discourse is not acceptable, for example in the face of the current crisis”, he stressed before assuring that “the Basques are interested in a government that does well in Vitoria and Madrid, and the PNV is not doing it well in Vitoria and is allowing others not to do well in Madrid ”.
“The PP is no longer plan B because we have governed when the numbers did not fit; the PP is plan A and the Basques have to know it ”, added Zarzalejos, who assured that the PP will continue working at the EU level to defend key sectors for the Basque Country such as wine, and to denounce the attempt to manipulate History in the Basque Country or exalt ETA terrorists.
Zoido: "the great affairs of the EU are linked to the PP"
In the same vein, the PP MEP Juan Ignacio Zoido, recalled that the PP is the one that best defends in Europe the interests of the Basques and the Spanish: "the great affairs of the EU are linked to the PP".
"To speak of Europe is to speak of Spain and the Basque Country, because more than 60% of the decisions of the EU affect the Basques," recalled Zoido, who underlined the need to continue working to promote sectors such as agriculture, of wine, or the fishing boat.
"We have to work in Europe to improve the living conditions of all Basques, we are risking the credibility of a land that has managed to overcome very difficult circumstances in the past," said Zoido, who stressed that the PP coalition + Cs is the best option before the July 12 elections and "a show of generosity".

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