La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

“The Spanish PP and the European People's Party (PPE) have promoted the EU's recovery plan against the coronavirus as the majority party in Parliament and in the European Commission, chaired by Úrsula von Der Leyen, of the PPE. It is the largest solidarity package to support all Spanish families and the productive sectors ”

"The PP has done the homework and now it's up to the homeowners of each country to do their homework, therefore Pedro Sánchez must defend that all the partners of the European Council approve this plan previously voted by the European Parliament"

"The so-called" frugal countries "are governed by socialist parties, such as Denmark or Sweden, that is why Sánchez must win his support for the EU recovery plan"

"There is no north or south, there are good or bad governments. When the PP has governed, it has shown that we are capable of lifting Spain out of economic crises and returning to job creation and economic growth ”

"European solidarity must be accompanied by ambitious national reforms to boost the economy again, strengthen national health systems and create jobs, which is the best social policy ”

"Spain needs an ambitious reform package and what it does not need is Pedro Sánchez agreeing with the enemies of Spain, such as Bildu, the repeal of the labor reform"

"The PP is the great defender of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and fisheries in Europe, now the government has to come to Spain with all the necessary aid for our agriculture, a sector that has proved strategic and crucial during the coronavirus pandemic ”

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