Dolors Montserrat en las jornadas

He assures that "the PP will not allow any cut in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) or in the EU cohesion funds" during the negotiation of the European budgets for the period 2021-2027

He explains that "Pedro Sánchez has not explained that (at the recent EU Summit) he has accepted that the European budget be lowered and that the CAP be lowered, something that the PP will not allow"
"Pedro Sánchez has come with cuts to Spain now that the negotiation on the European budgets for 2021-2027 begins"
Remember that, on the other hand, the PP is "the great defender of agriculture, livestock and fishing" in Spain, and that "we have never abandoned a European negotiation in this regard"
On the recovery fund approved at the last EU Summit, he points out that "the solidarity that the European People's Party has achieved must be accompanied by reforms to create jobs, jobs and more jobs"
"Spain is going to get out of this crisis because Spain is a great country, it only has one problem, which is that it has a bad government"

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