"On Sunday we play to end Sánchez's erratic policies on economics"

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has assured that the PSOE and the president of the acting government, Pedro Sánchez, "will continue to agree after November 10 with nationalism, as he has done since he came to the government after the motion of censure."

In statements to the media in the Aiguamolls of Torredembarra, which are part of the Natura 2000 Network of the EU, and together with the candidates for Tarragona to Congress and the Senate -Jordi Roca and Nuria Gómez-, the popular spokeswoman in the European Parliament has recalled that the PSOE has agreed with the nationalists in 40 municipalities of Catalonia, in the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​and also in autonomous communities such as Navarra.

On the contrary, Montserrat said, "the PP is the antidote to nationalism, a nationalism wants to end Spain and also with Europe."

In addition, Dolors Montserrat recalled that the PP is the party for the creation of jobs and that has led the fight against climate change, also in Europe thanks to the work of the European Commissioner for Climate Action, Miguel Arias Cañete.

For all this, Montserrat has ensured that in the elections of November 10 “we play a lot, we play to end Sanchez's erratic policies on the economy and we play that jobs can be created, that Spain grows economically and that the unity of Spain ”.

"Only with Pablo Casado as president of the government, Spain will be strong in Europe and can be strong economically, in the fight against climate change and in the defense of the unity of Spain," he stressed.

For this reason, he has warned that “dividing the vote of the center right will only keep Pedro Sánchez in La Moncloa, the only one who can take Sánchez out of La Moncloa is Pablo Casado and he is the PP”.

For his part, Jordi Roca has ensured that the environment "has been a traditional concern of the PP", while the ERC government in the municipality of Torredembarra has endangered "for partisan issues" a priority area for Europe such as Els Muntanyans

Roca has also criticized that at the regional level ERC "is not doing anything but is focusing all its efforts on the procès" independence, and also has abandoned all its powers in the environment.

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