• Who better defends Spain and the Spanish in parliaments is the PP. We defend the self-employed, families, businesses, farmers, pensioners, absolutely all sectors, we leave no one behind.
  • The PP belongs to the European People's Party (PPE), which is loaded with present and future. The European leaders who have defended Spain in recent years are members of the EPP: Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission), Donald Tusk (President of the European Council) and Antonio Tajani (President of the European Parliament).
  • This legislature returns to govern the EPP in Europe, after winning the European elections, although Macron and Pedro Sánchez have tried to snatch Europe's leadership from the EPP by pushing losers to preside over the European Commission. But the next European Commission will be chaired for the first time in history by a woman, she is Úrsula von der Leyen, and she is from the PPE.
  • The PP leads the defense of constitutionalism in Europe, before a supremacist nationalism, suffocating, turned into the worst poison in Europe, as President Juncker recalled this week in his farewell.
  • Nationalism is the executioner and the victims are all Catalans, so we will continue to defend Spain and the unity of Spain in Europe.
  • This same week we have prevented Catalan nationalism from using the European parliament to spread its lies; This is leading Spain in Europe.
  • Sanchez is not and is not expected in the defense of Spain against the tariffs imposed by the US on European and Spanish products, it is a government not in functions but on vacation. We will only be able to defend our sectors with a government of Pablo Casado.
  • We are proud to be Spanish and to be from the PP. We are a great country, we are admired in Europe as a society, we are leaders in the number of organ transplants in the world, we are the first recipient country of Erasmus students, we have the best security forces and bodies in the State.
  • We have to be proud that Spain is a great country, and it will only continue if Pablo Casado and the PP rule on November 10, because Spain will govern the PP and Europe will govern the PP, this country will be a land of opportunity for all.

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