La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat


  1. He claims that censorship and the persecution of freedom of opinion that the Government and Minister Marlaska are exercising are "inadmissible in a democracy". "Any attack that receives freedom will be denounced by the PP in Spain and in Europe."
  2. Explain that the PP has made a complaint to the European Commission to investigate what is happening in Spain. "Two weeks ago we have already asked that the measures adopted in the context of the 22 states of alarm decreed in 22 EU member countries be analyzed."
  3. He anticipates that "before each violation of freedoms or the rule of law that we see in Spain, the PP will not shut up and will denounce it to the European Commission", as we have done with the Sunday declarations of the representative of the Civil Guard .
  4. Explains that the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, of which she is president, will address in the coming months "only requests related to Covid-19. "Several requests have already been received from Spanish citizens and from other EU countries denouncing censorship, the violation of rights and freedoms," he stresses.
  5. He maintains that “the PP has already demonstrated its loyalty by supporting alarm states. "Now the one who has to prove it is Pedro Sánchez proposing measures to move the country forward," he says.
  6. Faced with the extra-parliamentary pacts proposed by President Sánchez, he affirms that "democracy should not be reinvented, the best place to agree and dialogue is Parliament, with light and stenographers, therefore dialogue and agree yes, but not at any price."
  7. He assures that “when the disabled Quim Torra is removed from the loop and the procès, there is nothing, there is only incompetence; We have seen the abandonment of the elderly in residences in Catalonia; We have seen the rejection of the support that the army has offered us. ” “Therefore, we Catalans have seen that procès is dead. Every night at 8:00 pm the Catalans of all ideologies go out to the windows united in one thing: in defending the great work that the health workers, the security forces and bodies and the army are doing ”.
  8. He assures that "we are loyal to the Spanish: to save lives, the government, the Autonomous Communities and the municipalities will have our full support, but our loyalty is demanding." “In the face of this third state of alarm, we ask for massive tests for everyone; protection for toilets and workers to be able to do the unconfiguration safely; we ask for national mourning; that ERTEs are already paid because there are many families affected; that liquidity for the self-employed now arrives; support measures for the most affected sectors such as tourism or the primary sector; that the Transparency Portal be rehabilitated, that neutrality be guaranteed on TVE and freedom of opinion and expression for all citizens. ”
  9. It expresses "support and gratitude to the Civil Guard and the State Security Forces and Bodies for the great work they carry out every day and especially with regard to this pandemic", and shows all its support to the people affected by the virus and their families .

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