The head of the Vox delegation, Jorge Buxadé, has intervened in the debate on the “FinCEN files” case, which has a massive leak of documents by an American agency and that they discovered more than 2,100 reports of criminal activities plus the spending of more than 2 trillion euros by banks, financial institutions and senior political officials. Among the accused are members of the narcocommunist government of Nicolás Maduro. "They have amassed real fortunes, plundering the resources of their country along with drug trafficking," Buxadé stressed.

In Spain, thanks to the relationship that the current government has with the Venezuelan dictatorshipThese funds have ended up financing "activities of communist political parties and gangsters whose sole objective is to destroy the social order," added the MEP.

Buxadé wanted to highlight the participation of large European banks in these illicit money laundering activities: “we cannot allow drug dictators, terrorists and all kinds of criminals to use financial engineering with the help of European banks”. The situation in "the infamous colony of Gibraltar" is worrying and the MEP for VOX wanted to highlight this. "For years, it has been a tax haven for the laundering of illicit activities," he recalled.

Jorge Buxadé wanted to make an appeal in the European Parliament asking that those who really need it listen. “Out there are millions of Europeans, thousands of honest businessmen and families who are suffering, and it is absolutely obscene that instead of fighting in the open against money laundering operations of drug trafficking and terrorism, we are allocating billions to demand new European taxes to pay for the climate festival of the big globalist multinationals ”, he concluded.

On his Twitter account, Buxadé has remembered Furthermore, “with a third” of the money defrauded, “the reconstruction fund is financed. But the progressive consensus prefers to raise taxes ”.

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