Duke receives the regional science and innovation advisers

The main objective of the meeting has been to analyze the current state of the next Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2021-2027.

The Law of Science of 2011 establishes that the Council of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Policy is the general coordinating body between the General State Administration and the Autonomous Communities in terms of scientific and technical research. Minister Duque has begun the Council meeting with an analysis on the current state of development and processing of the new Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation, which will enter into force next year and must be approved by this same Council before that 2020 ends.

The new Spanish Strategy is based on the need to increase the budget dedicated to R + D + I during the 2021-2027 period, to achieve a regulatory framework and flexible and adequate instruments to meet the needs of the agents of the R&D system + I, and coordinate and complement national and sector R & D & I policies with those of the European, regional and local level.

During the meeting, the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Innovation presented the action plans in the field of research and innovation to the representatives of the Autonomous Communities, who in turn explained the regional plans in these areas.

The Council has also approved the criteria for exchanging information between the General State Administration and the Autonomous Communities within the framework of the Science, Technology and Innovation Information System, and has made progress with regard to the processing of the Royal Decree that will approve the Statute of the Spanish Committee of Research Ethics.

Finally, the regime of the Council of Scientific, Technological Policy has been modified to include among its functions the approval of the updates of the Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure Map (ICTS).

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