During Tuesday and Wednesday, 70,000 masks will be distributed in La Rioja

The Government of Spain has delivered to La Rioja a total of 70,000 masks that will begin to be distributed as of Tuesday in the main points of the Autonomous Community for those who have to travel to work and it is more complex to maintain the safety distance.

On the part of the Government Delegation, the deposit and distribution of the material has been coordinated centrally in the Civil Protection warehouse of La Rioja, located in the city of Logroño.

The distribution will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday in our community. The distribution of masks will be carried out by members of the National Civil Protection System and volunteers with the participation of the Security Forces and Bodies, both the State and local Police.

This measure is framed within the strict limitation of movements in force since the start of the state of alarm and is in line with the priorities and recommendations set by the Ministry of Health, among which the use of masks is recommended for those workers who cannot telecommute or travel by private vehicle, bicycle or on foot and have to use public transport with a large influx of people.

The masks will be available for those people who have to travel to their jobs in transport systems where it is more difficult to maintain the safety distance.

Given the peculiarities of this autonomous community, insofar as the number of users of the collective transport system with commuting to jobs is quite limited, in addition to not having a metro network or similar means of transport that require A massive distribution of masks, a distribution has been established in coordination with the FFCCSE and Civil Protection, although the fundamental destination is that indicated by the Ministry, it can be extended to users and professionals of essential companies that are part of the chain. food, such as supermarkets or retail, where the daily influx of people is important and the distribution of masks can have a very positive effect and scope.

For all this, a protocol has been established by this Delegation that will allocate its efforts on April 14 and 15 mainly in the city of Logroño, through the National Police, the Logroño Local Police and Civil Protection with the distribution of masks in the most important public transport nodes, where a large part of the collective transport of the city, urban and metropolitan converges,

But without forgetting the rest of the Autonomous Community, it has been organized with the participation and involvement of the Civil Guard and Local Police present in numerous municipalities of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, a distribution network that allows much of the material to reach the entire territory of the region, also having the support of Civil Protection Volunteer Groups of the different municipalities, where it exists.

Efforts will be focused on the towns with the largest number of inhabitants such as Haro, Nájera, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Arnedo, Calahorra and Alfaro and where indeed the concentration of people and trips by public transport are more numerous.

The distribution will be concentrated at the bus stops of the interurban network of these towns and in the case of Calahorra (the only town with active urban transport, in addition to Logroño), at the following stops:

  • Urban bus: Hospital Foundation of Calahorra stop (urban and interurban bus)
  • Urban bus: Plaza de El Raso stop


Number of police officers in the distribution of masks:

National Police: 30 troops Logroño Local Police: 14 troops Civil Protection: 4 troops

Number of troops in rural area:

Civil Guard: 30 patrols per turn distributed throughout the territory Local Police: 2-4 officers per turn / locality Civil Protection: volunteers available in each group. Coordination from the Local Police

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