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  • Calls on behalf of the Popular Parliamentary Group PP the appearance of the Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, in order to generate confidence and transparency on the part of the Government before the outbreak of listeriosis, since detailed information is the best antidote for Avoid alarm and distrust.
  • He believes that before a national alert with several CCCAA involved, and inter-national, after the convocation by the Ministry to the Autonomous Councilors, it is necessary to appear and answer the battery of questions of the Popular Group.
  • He states that the head of Health has many problems to solve, from health financing, Human Resources planning, etc. But in the face of this outbreak, it is necessary to know the actions of the Spanish Agency for Food Health and Nutrition, the Carlos III Health Institute, the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange and the National Network of Epidemiological and Food Surveillance.
  • Considers it important to know the opinion of the Ministry of Health and other administrations about the optimal location of food inspection and control competencies and if the delegation of food safety in municipalities (Seville, Granada and Malaga in Andalusia) is adequate, know if they have sufficient means or if it is necessary to provide them with the best and if there is a need to improve protocols to avoid the follow-up of pistes in the orientation of the investigation then not confirmed.
  • Values ​​that the system works, with the immobilization and withdrawal of the product, with information, and the good performance of the healthcare system, but it is also necessary to know if the company's self-control systems are susceptible to improvement, so it must appear the minister.
  • Congratulates health professionals who have once again demonstrated their technical and professional quality: health professionals, preventivists, bromatologists, who have been in the field of care, in the diagnosis and treatment of cases, the entire epidemiological network and administrations and The entire Spanish health system, which has shown strength, solvency and excellence and thanks all health corporations and scientific societies for the positive assessment and support for alert management.

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