Holders of his intervention:

  • “The easy, the comfortable, the simple and the cheap is euthanasia; The responsible, the good, the human, and the adequate is a palliative care law. We will always defend the care at the end of life because that is progress, and not advance in solutions that only seek death. ”
  • “The PP proposes a Law that universally extends access to palliative care, which guarantees the conditions for a dignified death for the terminally ill. It is very irresponsible to legislate on euthanasia in Spain without first resolving palliative care: there are 75,000 patients susceptible to palliative care. ”
  • "Less than two weeks before the possible call for elections, Sanchez has brought to this House an obscene use of terminal patients for the final beating of his 5-month term in office."
  • “If euthanasia is not a social demand, if in the CIS it is not considered as a problem, if there is a huge ignorance on the subject, if there are hardly any countries with experience and the experience we know is so bad, why is this Law here today? ”
  • “There is no social support for euthanasia, in Europe only Benelux contemplates it and outside Europe only five US states do it. and Canada In 1998 there was a Commission in the Senate on euthanasia in which the vast majority of those appearing against it. Also in Portugal, last year they knocked down, with the vote of the communist party, four projects in favor of euthanasia. ”
  • "In Spain, the Bioethics Committee is against euthanasia and the highest body that brings together all medical professionals, too."
  • “The PSOE brings a Law – a nod to the Podemos electorate – which it promoted in May 2018, when in 2017 it had rejected all of Podemos's texts on this matter. It is a clear example of political mutation. ”
  • "Citizens, with their positive vote on the proposal of the PSOE, abandoned the agreements of five months ago throwing into the hands of Podemos and losing the centrality."

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