El diputado y portavoz adjunto del GPP, José Ignacio Echániz

  • The deputy GPP spokesperson underlines that Illa's health experience was nil:"In the face of such an epidemic, you could resign and leave someone who knew, but ignorance is usually very daring

  • He accuses the minister of ignoring global warnings against the pandemic: "You belittled the serious reports that came from the WHO since January, you did not collect material that would have saved lives or closed airports in time

  • He warns that the delay in the government's reaction to not ban the 8-M protests "had lethal effects

  • "He assumed a single command for which he was not qualified; his lack of knowledge in public health led us to a late medieval quarantine, the longest in the world and that has crushed our economy; he threw the Spaniards' money into fake material for his efforts to benefit inexperienced companies and friends, instead of expert Spanish companies; he abandoned the toilets without protective material, and that's why we are a world record for infected and deceased; he hid his experts and has lied to all the time with the death toll

  • It demands from the Government the real data of deaths from Coronavirus in Spain: "It is essential that we know the truth not only to avoid new mistakes but because we owe it precisely to the 45,000 deceased Spaniards

  • Faced with the new threats, he calls on the minister to prepare the country for outbreaks, to establish maximum guarantees at airports and to accept the PP's proposals with the Cajal Plan for Health, the Legal Plan and the Economic Plan: "Don't be irresponsible again, learn something and don't send Spain to the abyss again

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