José Ignacio Echániz, durante la sesión de control

Holders of his speech:

  • The GPP deputy spokesman points out that "the three million workers admitted to ERTES and more than a million self-employed workers subject to cessation of activity, among others, have not yet received payment due to the incompetence of the Government, and the worst thing is that they are not going to collect until next month. "
  • He denounces that "the continuous improvisation of the Government, its delays and its incapacity is being a real calamity, a real disgrace for the most vulnerable in this society".
  • He reproaches the Government for speaking of “social shield but has abandoned the workers to their fate; until kellys they have been left out of the thousands of ERTES that have been produced ”.
  • "All Spaniards feel shame, pain and rage for their irresponsibility, ineptitude and negligence. Here in this country, all Spanish society has complied except for its government, ”he asserts.
  • To the Minister of Labor and Social Economy: "The blame is not only yours, it is also the President of the Government for naming her Minister of Labor without knowing what an ERTE is or appointed the Minister of Health without knowing what a test is effective diagnosis ”.
  • "You start by fracturing society and end up asking for unity, you start by considering companies as enemies and end up breaking the labor market, and you start by assaulting the skies and end up hitting the ground," he says.

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