The Minister for Ecological Transition in operation, Teresa Ribera has closed the presentation of the study on regional projections of the effect of climate change throughout the Spanish coast, carried out jointly with the Foundation Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of Cantabria within the framework of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of the Spanish Coast.

The purpose of the work was to obtain the projections of variables such as: waves, meteorological tide, sea level and sea surface temperature along the Spanish coast due to climate change, both in the medium and long term.

With this, the study intends to assess correctly the impacts associated with climate change, to make a good planning of actions and an efficient use of available resources.

The Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITECO), through the General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea, has done this work within the project called "Development of the methodology and databases for the projection of impacts of Climate Change along the Spanish coast ", in collaboration with the Foundation Institute of Environmental Hydraulics of Cantabria with a cost of 355,000 euros. The results of these projections will be available in the MITECO website.

With the projections presented today, uncertainty is reduced in relation to the variables analyzed, which will allow improving the management of the coastline under the criteria established in the Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change of the Spanish coast prepared by this Ministry.

Instruments for coastal protection by sections

Starting from the premises established in the Strategy for the Adaptation of the Coast to the Effects of Climate Change, MITECO advances in the drafting of instruments for the protection of the coast by sections, which constitutes a complete, orderly and systematic plan of the actions that they are necessary for each physiographic unit.

As progress is made in the development and review of these stretch strategies, their scope and quality improve, by incorporating the same coastal management and management measures, linking with marine space management.

The strategies for the protection of the coasts of Huelva, Granada, El Maresme (Barcelona) and those of the south of the provinces of Castellón and Valencia have already been drafted, and are being implemented through the drafting of the corresponding projects.

In addition, we work on the instruments that will allow the protection of the Mar Menor and the Ebro Delta, as well as the coasts of the province of Almería, Málaga and Cádiz, the latter with funding from European Union funds through the Program of Support for structural reforms.

With identical funding, work has begun on the drafting of the tool for the protection of the Balearic coast.

Having these documents will make it possible for both the management of the coast, as well as the investments made on it, to start from a prior rational planning, from the management of the public domain to increase the effectiveness of the management and the efficiency of the expenditure .

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