The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) have signed a protocol detailing the ways of communication, issuance of reports and exchange of information between both institutions for the elimination of obstacles to access and to the exercise of economic activities within the framework of the Market Unity Law. The objective of the agreement is to guarantee the agility and efficiency in the solution of the problems that the companies have detected, in order to eliminate barriers to access and freedom of movement of the products or services throughout the national territory.

Companies, freelancers and associations can submit their claims or report obstacles and barriers to the market unit before the Secretariat of the Council for the Market Unit -dependent of the Ministry of Economy and Business Support- through the window that has been enabled on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The Market Unity Law provides that through a network of points of contact between the autonomous communities, the CNMC and the ministries will work to solve the problems detected.

In addition, the Market Unity Law enables the CNMC to file an administrative appeal before the National Court against the acts or provisions of any public authority that limit the freedom of establishment or circulation, either on its own initiative or at the request of any market operator .

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